Prince Harry’s Pre-Wedding Diet Sounds Pretty Strict

Meghan Markle wants a long, healthy future with her prince.



Photo by: Samir Hussein

Samir Hussein

Someday, your prince will come — and when you are about to marry him, you just may put him on a diet.

Future-royal Meghan Markle is already laying down the law in her household, by putting her soon-to-be-husband Prince Harry on a pretty strict diet!

In preparation for the May 19 wedding, a source told the Daily Mail that Prince Harry, who is now sixth-in-line to the British crown (thanks to the birth of Prince Louis last week) is now on a diet that involves cutting back on carbs and meat, drinking less alcohol, and eating a lot more fresh fruits and veggies. Markle is even making him smoothies at home to keep him in top form!

"They have bought a top-of-the-range juicer and she has him on fruit and veg smoothies. She’s also weaning him off meat," the source told the Daily Mail.

Apparently, the diet is working — the report shares that the prince has already lost half a stone (that’s around 7 pounds).

This diet is very similar to the one that Markle already follows herself. She has been very vocal about her love of hot yoga and trying to stay meat-free during the week (though she’s not entirely meat-free, we know Prince Harry proposed after she roasted him a chicken!).

On top of the healthier diet, Prince Harry is apparently also hitting the gym "almost every day," has quit smoking and is reportedly working with London-based nutritionist, Gabriela Peacock.

We think the prince looks pretty good to start out with, but we’re excited to see him look even better come his wedding day in three weeks. As someone who swore by KFC during his days in the military, he’ll for sure be healthier!

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