Queen Elizabeth is Looking For a New Chef

We imagine they’ll get to cook for Meghan and Harry too!


Photo by: WPA Pool

WPA Pool

If you are obsessed with all things royal family — and who isn’t, with the big year they are having — there’s a new job opportunity that will have you living with them. Well, sort of.

Queen Elizabeth is looking to hire a new Demi Chef de Partie (that’s fancy British speak for assistant chef) to live and work at Buckingham Palace. That’d be the same Buckingham Palace where the Queen lives, in case you didn’t notice.

The job is a tough one though: it’s a full-time, six-day a week job that will involve everything from family dinners to state receptions, at a salary of £21,151.88 per year. That’s not a great salary, but you do get lots of incredible benefits, including 33 days a year of vacation (say what?!), the option to live in the palace, and meals provided.

"This is no ordinary Demi Chef de Partie role," the job description reads. In our state-of-the-art kitchens, you'll prepare classical and contemporary menus for a wide range of events, learning essential skills that will provide stepping stones for a great career.”

Whoever lands this job can also expect to travel to the Royal Family’s other residences, such as Balmoral Castle and Windsor — which just so happens to be where the Royal Wedding will be held next week. "And whether you're based at Buckingham Palace or, when required, travelling to another Royal residence, you'll look forward to whatever challenge comes your way,” the job ad reads.

If you aren’t ready to put on your chef’s hat, other jobs currently available with the Royal Family include a gardener position at Buckingham Palace, an archive cataloguer at Windsor Castle and a cleaner at the Palace of Holyroodhouse.

However, hurry: Job applications for this amazing position must be received by May 24.

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