Cool Royals Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Will Have Food Trucks at Their Wedding

This is so hipster of them, really.


Photo by: Christopher Furlong

Christopher Furlong

Considering Meghan Markle’s experience as a lifestyle blogger and an admitted foodie, we’ve had high hopes for the details of the royal wedding. And with five days to go, the couple is not disappointing. News leaked by a UK-based newspaper reveals Meghan and Harry plan to have food trucks at their wedding reception!

Meghan and Harry are breaking tradition in all sorts of ways with their wedding. 50 years ago, a prince of England would never have been allowed to marry a divorced American actress. However, the royal couple is about to throw even more rules out the window with their fast-approaching wedding.

Meghan Markle covered food and restaurants on the lifestyle blog she published before she got engaged to Prince Harry, The Tig. So, we expect her to bring the latest in fun and cool food trends to the royal family. And according to the Express, that’s going to start at the wedding reception: following the traditional pomp and circumstance, there will be an after-hours disco and ice cream trucks serving late-night eats. Considering there’s already been speculation that the couple may serve American favorites like grilled cheese and hamburgers post-dinner, it sounds like guests may be too full to dance at the end of the night!

These moves are pretty hipster (and rather American, too), we know, but are also really exciting. We can’t help but picture Queen Elizabeth enjoying a late-night ice cream straight off a truck. How beautifully inelegant!

As the couple has already eschewed royal tradition via their wedding cake (the royals traditionally have a fruitcake at their wedding reception, but Harry and Meghan’s cake will be lemon elderflower,) we can’t wait to see what happens next!

So, the only question that remains: What ice cream flavors pair best with lemon elderflower cake?

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