Joy Behar's Avocado Mishap Landed Her in the Hospital

We feel her pain!

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It’s happened to all of us: you really want a snack, and while rushing around the kitchen you end up slicing and dicing more than just your food. Kitchen injuries, from burns to cuts, are very common, and while usually minor, they can get pretty serious!

On Tuesday's episode of The View, Joy Behar revealed that over the weekend she accidentally stabbed herself in the hand and ended up in the hospital! "I was trying to desperately eat something, so I was trying to open up an avocado and I stuck the knife into the pit to get it out … and I stabbed myself," she said on-air.

That sounds super painful, and it was: Behar said she had "never had pain quite so intense, it was awful."

Behar’s doctor told her this type of accident is actually quite common. So common, in fact, they have a name for it: Avocado Hand syndrome! "Apparently, there is a syndrome called Avocado Hand. It’s real. And the doctor said, ‘Oh, we get this all the time,’ " she explained. "So anytime you’re holding the item and you try to cut it, you can get this. So, what happened was I guess there must have been infection, they put me in the hospital overnight."

While many of us have had kitchen accidents, Behar’s actually became kind of serious. She shared she was on an "antibiotic drip" every six hours during her overnight stay and the doctor revealed that she could have lost her finger.

Behar is thankfully fine now and was gifted a protective glove and an avocado slicer, but she revealed she’s going to stick to ready-made guacamole from now on.

In the future though, Behar doesn’t have to resort to pre-made guacamole. The proper way to cut an avocado is to slice it open vertically and then remove the pit. You may want to hold the avocado with a dish towel to add a bit of extra barrier between the avocado and your hand.

Slice it while still in the shell and then scoop those slices out with the spoon. That way the shell keeps things need and you don’t end up with slippery hands from the mashed avocado — which is also a great way to get injured!

We hope Behar feels better soon. Guacamole should never be that traumatic!

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