These Alternative Flours Are Popping Up Everywhere

Let the plant-based baking begin!

August 23, 2018
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Remember when your only options for flour were white and whole wheat? In the wake of the gluten-free craze, alternative flours like almond, oat and rice emerged, offering Celiac suffers options for baking, thickening and breading. With the ever-increasing demand for plant-based foods, the next generation of flours is completely grain-free. Flours made from fruits and vegetables are popping up online and on store shelves, and the wellness community can't get enough of them. Most are made from dried and ground fruits and veggies with little or no additional ingredients. (Check ingredient labeling on individual products to determine if any additives are present.) Here are eight vibrant flours you can try now.



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Banana Flour

Made from green bananas, this flour contains resistant starches that act as prebiotics to promote gut health. The flour has a mild banana flavor and as you might imagine, an ample dose of potassium. One-quarter cup stacks up to the same amount of potassium as a small banana.

Uses: Smoothies, pancakes and delectable chocolate chip cookies

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Kang Kim

Beet Flour

Sweet, earthy and the most beautiful shade of red, beet flour contains iron, vitamin A, fiber and potassium. It can be used as a thickening agent and substitute for some of the oil in baked goods.

Uses: Teas, sauces, fruit leathers and cake mixes (if you’re a Red Velvet fan)

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Cassava Flour

Made from the naturally starchy yuca plant, this super-versatile flour makes for an awesome gluten-free swap out in your favorite baked goods.

Uses: Replace wheat flour in a 1:1 ratio for breads, stuffings and tortillas

Mango Flour

Sweet and tangy, this coarsely ground flour retains much of its vitamin C.

Uses: Booster for drinks and smoothies, soup, marinade and pancakes

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Lucuma Flour

Native to Peru, the lucuma fruit is rich in beta-carotene, fiber, niacin and iron. As a flour, it is naturally low in calories and can be used as a low calorie sweetener

Uses: Oatmeal, salad dressings, smoothies

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cup of coffee

cup of coffee

cup of coffee

Coffee Flour

Sprinkle pleasantly powdery and slightly bitter coffee flour (made from the fruit of coffee bean plants) to add fiber, iron and a dose of cell-protecting antioxidants to recipes.

Uses: Smoothies, marinades, trail mix, baked goods

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Sweet Potato Flour

This pale-yellow flour contains 110 calories per one quarter-cup and an impressive 6 grams of fiber.

Uses: A great flour for pancakes, muffins and brownies; combine with apple or banana flour for some stellar waffles

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Matt Armendariz, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved

Kale Powder

Dried and ground into a fine green powder, kale flour is low in calories (about 45 per one quarter-cup) but packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Uses: Add flavor and color to soups, stews, egg dishes, salads and casseroles

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