Halle Berry Loves This Boxed Pizza — Yes, Really!

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Anthony Harvey/Getty

Halle Berry seems to have discovered the secret of eternal youth. At 51, she could easily be mistaken for half her age and is in better shape than most of us have probably been ever in our entire lives.

She swears by consistent workouts and strict adherence to a keto (low carb/moderate protein/high fat) diet. And now the actress has shared another secret – this one is a secret vice that is really not such a vice after all: cauliflower-crust pizza.

Berry recently disclosed on Instagram that one of her favorite lunches “to have on the go” is the boxed frozen Margherita pizza produced by the brand Caulipower, which bills itself as gluten-free, non-GMO and lower in carbs than your regular pizza. Cauliflower-crust pizza is also lower in calories, Berry noted on her Instagram Stories, Women’s Health reports – and she insists it “tastes like real pizza.”

While Caulipower has a cute tagline on its box – “Pizza. Your Favorite Vegetable” – at Food Network we are obviously big believers in rolling up your sleeves and making your own. So if you want to try your hand at DIY’ing cauliflower-crust ‘za, this video is a good place to start.

Oh, and by the way, Berry is not the only ageless actress who’s really into cauliflower pizza: Valerie Bertinelli is also a fan. Here’s her take.

Ree Drummond recently gave it a try, too. Everyone’s doing it. And hey, if pizza can make us look even a little bit like Halle Berry, we’re definitely up for a slice.

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