You Can Buy These Healthy Groceries Without Going to the Grocery Store

You don't need a separate supermarket run for any of these items.

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September 06, 2018

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Next time you’re running errands, check that tiny supermarket run off your list. The stores you already love do double-duty when it comes to shopping for healthy groceries. Thanks to some savvy merchandising, you can now snag brand new throw pillows and protein-packed oatmeal all in one place. Next time you’re at one of these stores, pit stop at the grocery aisle before checkout to add these healthy products to your cart.

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No need to drive to Whole Foods for almond butter. Target has its own in-house brand that's just as good as anything you'll find at a specialty shop. Plus, you can't beat the $7 price tag.

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Don't pick up any old trail mix. This one from Archer Farms has a probiotic boost and, in my humble opinion, makes for a better afternoon snack than yogurt. Pick up a bag next time you're on a Target run.

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Sure, you could pick up some jerky when you're at the gas station, but this turkey jerky is way better for you and, let's be honest, you know you'll probably need something from Target this week.

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Are you an almond milk drinker? Pick up this value pack the next time you're at Costco. Your morning coffee and wallet will thank you.

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Ina might shun this jumbo-size olive oil from Costco, but hear me out. It's cold-pressed, which is the only way to buy the stuff, and has tracable origins to Italy. Plus, my Italian grandma uses it on everything, so that's worth something, right?

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Load up on coconut water after you add a sheet cake and a value pack of hand soap to your Costco cart. It'll save you from heading down the beverage aisle at the grocery store and picking up a sugary soda you don't need.

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'Buch fans: This variety pack is what your Walmart haul has been missing. You'll be shocked how fast the pack disappears.

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Next time you're at HomeGoods, head to that grocery aisle you always skip near the kitchen supplies. You'll find this macadamia nut milk and other goodies like avocado oil and tea.

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While you're at Walmart finishing up shopping for the back-to-school supplies you forgot, pick up a few of these protein- and probiotic-packed oatmeal cups. They're a great breakfast for you when you need to get the kiddos to the bus way too early.

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While you're picking up your latest prescription, stop by CVS's snack aisle for a bag of these spicy roasted chickepeas.

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Lots of us make a pit stop in CVS on our way to work or in the middle of errands. Pick up a Gomacro bar to keep you from getting too hungry the next time you're on the go.

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