Olivia Munn Changes Her Diet Around 'Super-Healthy' People

She can’t stand the 'judge-y' looks about this habit.

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You know how sometimes when you’re around people who are majorly into healthy eating, you’re extra conscious of what you put on your plate? You maybe reach for a handful of grapes instead of a cookie — and try to look like you do it all the time — because it’s probably not worth the judgment that comes with it.

Olivia Munn totally gets it.

The actress recently laid out her typical diet — revealing everything she eats, meal by snack by meal — on any given day, in an interview with E! News. And while she’s got a pretty healthy plan overall, she goes even further when “super healthy” people are on the scene, she tells the celeb site.

A typical breakfast for Munn is avocado, halved and sprinkled with hemp seeds, kosher salt and lemon, which the actress explains, she eats “with a spoon."

Lunch is “usually white rice, yellow curry with vegetables,” along with maybe a pickle, she says, because she loves to eat one with a meal when she can.

Dinner is a simple salad, veggies and quinoa. No shame there.

But it’s the snacks where Munn gets self-conscious.

While she enjoys snacking on apples and peanut butter in the late morning, “I'll go for almond butter if there are people around me that are super healthy because I hate the judge-y looks and when they say, 'You know almond butter is so much better for you,'" she admits.

Same goes for her late afternoon snack, usually fruit — grapes, bananas, watermelon — and peanut butter. But if any super-healthy pals are still hanging around? Yep, almond butter it is.


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