8 Things to Know About Wyclef Jean’s Diet

For the record, he believes in cheat days.



Photo by: Frederick M. Brown

Frederick M. Brown

Wyclef Jean is taking a new turn in the spotlight with his first U.S. tour in a decade; the release of a new album, Carnival III, and “mixtape” called Wyclef Goes Back to School; and a fresh focus on mentoring young musicians.

The Grammy-winning musician, actor and producer, who first made a name for himself in the early ‘90s as a member of the Fugees, has often compared music to “drinking water,” a natural and essential part of his life.

But a man cannot live on music and water alone. Jean, 48, also recently detailed his daily diet to New York magazine’s food and restaurant blog Grub Street. Here are a few interesting takeaways:

1: He likes a cheat day (who doesn’t?). “Everybody needs a cheat day, don’t let nobody fool you, man. If you don’t have a cheat day, you’ll go crazy,” he told Grub Street. Fave cheat foods include pizza and wine.

2: He’s a big seafood and fish man. Salmon, red snapper, yellowtail, sushi, oysters … “You will find fish in everything that I eat!” he told the site.

3: He tends to pace himself. If he knows he’s going to have a big lunch, he’ll make sure to go light and healthy with breakfast. Typical, for him: egg whites, veggies, tuna, aloe with fruit.

4: He’s really into aloe. “I drink a lot of aloe vera, but I have it with fruit because I don’t always like the taste of it raw,” he said.

5: Also … coffee. His go-to coffee is Bustelo. “I’m a serious coffee guy … Always have it,” he told Grub Street.

6: He’s a seasonal eater. “I have, like, two ‘seasons’ when it comes to what I eat. When I’m constantly moving around, like right now, it’s seafood season,” he says, but when he wants to put on weight, “I shift over and then maybe have red meat twice a month.” Filet mignon is his fave — medium-rare, please.

7" He’s “not really a drinker drinker." But he enjoys a glass of red wine, Champagne or rose. Or, curiously, an “apple martini.”

8: More than anything else, what he loves is his wife’s cooking. Born in Haiti, like him, she has mastered the Creole style of cooking, passed on to her by her family. “She’s a crazy fashion designer; she makes great food,” he said.


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