Amy Schumer Reveals Some Actresses Schedule 'Hungry Days'

Instead, the actress/comedian urges body-positivity and self-acceptance.



Photo by: Mike Coppola

Mike Coppola

Amy Schumer equals truth teller. And regular folk recovering from seeing all those perfectly honed, toned and evening-gowned Hollywood types glide down the award-season red carpets with, as Katie Couric put it during a recent podcast chat with Schumer, "clavicles that could cut an apple," need to hear the comedian's truths about actresses and eating.

Many of those ultra-fit actresses deserve your sympathy as much as your admiration: They ... are ... hungry. In fact, Schumer revealed, they build into their schedule days in which they starve themselves. That's the sort of thing Schumer makes a point of declining to do, opting instead to portray women "whose bodies look a little more realistic."

"Most people can't afford a chef and a trainer and to be starving and have somebody bring over your little pile of seeds that you're allowed to eat in the morning. And I can afford those things, but I'm like, 'I'm not doing that,' because those people aren't happy either," she told Couric. "I have some friends who are like, 'I don't want to hang out today. I won't be able to enjoy it, I have to be hungry today,' and that's totally typical for a lot of actresses, and it's like, still? Come on, enough. But it's funny, I go to awards shows and I try to look my best and I look like how the costume designers look and I feel proud about that."

Schumer, who is newly married to chef Chris Fischer, is trying to spread her message of self-acceptance through her work: She told Couric she refused to have the producers do any body-touch-up work to the scenes in which she shows skin in her forthcoming movie, "I Feel Pretty," about a woman who falls and bonks her head during a Soul Cycle class and suddenly believes she has the looks of a supermodel. Retouching reality, she said, would be "against the point."

"People don't see female images" that look like real people "nearly enough," Schumer said, adding that there's a dearth of actresses occupying the middle ground between Melissa McCarthy and Emma Stone. "I feel like I'm it right now," she said, before going on to name-check singer Meghan Trainor as one of the famous people with whom she is often confused.

"Just anybody who looks at all similar, they just see sort of a blond plumpness and they think we're all like one person," she said. 

When Khloe Kardashian lost weight and left that circle, Schumer confessed she felt like, "Aw, come on. You were one of us." She herself apparently has no intention of doing the same.

"Howard Stern once asked me, 'Why don't you lose like 30 pounds?' and I was like, 'I don't want to. I'll be hungry,'" she recalled.

Sure, she shed a few pounds ahead of her 2015 movie "Trainwreck," but concluded that "beauty and body" were not her "currency" or her "thing."

"I feel beautiful and I feel strong and sexy, but I'm not going to be the most beautiful girl, so I'm not going to try to market myself or get myself there. And I don't think that sends a good message," she said. 

That's what her new movie is trying to convey. "How about not striving for some other version of yourself?" she said. "Why not love what you've got going on right now rather than this eternal dissatisfaction?"


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