This Is the Pasta Kristen Bell Is Obsessed With

She likes it so much, she wrote the company a love letter.



Photo by: Frazer Harrison

Frazer Harrison

Here at Food Network, we have passionate reactions to food all the time — and apparently, so does Kristen Bell. Bell is such a loyal fan of Banza pasta, she wrote the company a fan letter. "I sent @eatbanza a love note. Just to say thanks for making something great…," Bell says in an Instagram post. Bell is a staunch vegetarian and the chickpea-based pasta is packed with protein, a nutrient vegetarians sometimes lack. Banza claims to have double the protein, four times more fiber and 40 percent fewer carbs than traditional pasta.

In return for her sweet sentiment, Banza sent Bell her very own customized box. Instead of their usual label, Bell’s box reads "Kristen Bell: Our Favorite Actress." And in place of nutrition facts, the box lists the qualities the Banza team loves most about the actress: 25 grams of charm and 14 grams of humor, which Bell claims is "very generous." The box also highlights some of their favorite things about Bell like her love of animals and musical talent (hello, Frozen soundtrack).

Banza is the "fastest growing pasta in the [main pasta] set," founder Brian Rudolph told Food Navigator last year, and we have to imagine a glowing review from Bell will only boost sales.

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