Lentils Are Trending Thanks to Prince George's School Lunch

No mystery meat for this 4-year-old.



Photo by: WPA Pool

WPA Pool

Royals, they’re just like us — but not when it comes to school lunch. Prince George is eating lunches fit for a king at Thomas’s Preparatory School, according to the Daily Mail. Think: lamb ragout, pork stroganoff and poached haddock. But the dish making the biggest impact is the four-year-old’s meal of smoked mackerel served with Puy lentils.

Pulses have been growing in popularity for a few years, but Puy lentils started to fly off the shelves in the UK after the French news outlet The Local shared that they were on Prince George’s plate on his first day of school. Antoine Wassner, head of Sabarot, a French company specializing in pulses since 1819, calls this the "star effect," when a VIP is linked to a product and the public latches on. "Maybe the trend won't last on the other side of the Channel, but with the vogue for being vegan, we're hopeful," he told The Local.

If Kate Middleton's effect on the fashion industry is any indication of the royals' cultural impact, it seems safe to assume trendsetting runs in the family.

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