Does Eating Rice Krispies Treats Before a Workout Really Help? TikTok Thinks So

A dietitian weighs in with some surprising info.

September 09, 2021

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There’s no doubt that TikTok users have come up with some pretty outlandish recipes and theories (uh, who doesn’t remember honey jelly and shower onions?) but the latest information circulating around the social media platform might just make your next workout a tad more enjoyable.

In recent weeks, several people have taken to TikTok to share that eating Rice Krispies Treats just before hitting the gym actually improves their workout. Last month, a TikTok user named Nick Mihalcescu who goes by @kingnickm on the app, co-signed this gym hack.

“Thinking of eating Rice Krispies Treats before the gym?” he asked as he held up two of the sweet snacks. “Do it. It will be the best pump of your life.” Elsewhere in the brief clip, Mihalcescu lifted what appeared to be very heavy weights and later flexed his growing muscles, proving that the trick was a hit.


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In another TikTok, a user named Rachel who goes by the handle @rmc.fit_, was equally impressed with this emerging gym trend. “We tried eating Rice Krispies before our workout for the PUMP,” she declared. After some footage of what looked to be a successful workout that included weightlifting, skullcrushers, and more, Rachel shared her verdict.

“You gotta try [it],” she declared as she showed off a toned bicep.

While it might seem counterintuitive to snack on some junk food before you break a sweat, nutrition expert Dana Angelo White, MS, RD, ATC, says there is actually something sound to this practice. “As a collegiate sports dietitian, Rice Krispies Treats are one of my go-to recommendations for easily digestible fuel during activity — like during a half-time situation, for example. They are portable, shelf-stable and tasty — an easy sell for most!” she explains.

According to White, Rice Krispies are a solid pre-workout snack choice because of what’s in them. “When it comes to pre-workout fuel, you can only use what you can digest! While complete meals are ideal hours before exercise, as the workout gets closer, you need easily digestible carbs to give you quick energy,” she adds. “Puffed rice and marshmallows satisfy these needs very nicely.”

However, White also notes that you should be sure to do more than just chow down on a Rice Krispies Treat prior to your workout. “Along with this, fluid is also a must! Lack of proper hydration is an easy way to ruin your workout,” she warns.

And when it comes to that post-workout meal or snack, White says it’s important to “replace what you lost” while you were pumping iron or engaging in some pretty serious cardio. “This helps promote lean body mass and prepare your body for the next exercise session,” she says. “You need carbs to replenish energy stores and amino acids (from protein-rich foods) to help restore muscle fibers. Finally, get in those fluids and electrolytes to replace what was lost. I also suggest antioxidant-rich foods to help fight inflammation.”

And there you have it! If you’re eager to join the TikTokers and put away a Rice Krispies Treat (or two) before your next gym session, check out these recipes.

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