Healthy Microwave Cooking

We’re not talking about zapping frozen entrees. How about real ingredients and healthy meals straight out of the microwave oven!?

We’re not talking about zapping frozen entrees; how about real ingredients and healthy meals straight out of the microwave oven!?

Nuke It

You might already rely on the microwave for quick snacks or a cozy mug of hot chocolate, but how about breakfast, lunch and dinner in the microwave? There’s a right and wrong way to use your microwave -- use our tips before you get nuking.



No pan required! Grab a microwave-safe bowl and scramble up eggs with salt, pepper and splash of milk. Zap for 60 seconds. Top with shredded cheese and return to the micro for 20 more seconds and voila – a cheese omelet.


Choose plain oatmeal - regular or instant and flavor it with real fruit and spices.

Lunch and Dinner


"Bake" a potato until tender (about 12 minutes). Cool slightly and fill with veggies, cheese and leftover chicken for a complete meal.


Use as a side or toss with black beans, baby spinach, salsa and a dollop of Greek yogurt.


Using your blender and microwave and you’ll have homemade soup in 10 minutes or less.


Protein-packed chicken will stay tender in a sweet and spicy sauce.


Instead of a skillet, melt cheese and favorite fillings together in the microwave – for best results, serve immediately.


Turn a tuna sandwich into a tuna melt or even try cooking shrimp. Combine raw shrimp with uncooked white rice and wine (or chicken broth); season as desired and cook for about 15 minutes, until shrimp is opaque and rice is tender.

Sweets amp; Snacks


Make your own popcorn with kernels and brown paper bag. Munch it plain or flavor with Parmesan cheese or cinnamon-sugar

Chocolate Cake

Got a chocolate craving but no time to bake? Try this recipe on for size.


Turn chocolate chips into candy with fruit and nuts, or a dipping sauce for crunchy pretzels.

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