Inside Food Network Kitchen: The One Healthy Food We Eat Every Day

We've unveiled the Food Network Kitchen's favorite healthy foods — and great recipes, too!
Raw Organic Rainbow Swiss Chard

Raw Organic Rainbow Swiss Chard

Raw Organic Rainbow Swiss Chard on a Background

Photo by: Brent Hofacker

Brent Hofacker

Here in Food Network Kitchen, food is our job. We eat just about everything, and we all try to eat healthy whenever we can. Between recipe tastings full of savories and sweets, everyone here has their one go-to healthy food they rely on. We thought you’d like to know what a bunch of food-obsessed nerds eat, so we took an internal survey.

And the winner is … GREENS! We are huge fans of our dark and leafy friends, whether collards, kale, spinach or mache. Depending on the green of choice, we are adding vitamins K and C, iron, lutein (may be good for eye health) and omega 3s (thanks, mache).

Things can get pretty hectic here, and we don’t always have time to sit down for a salad. Here are a couple of our favorite ways we increase our green intake:

Inside-Out Wrap: Steam collard greens' leaves and use them as a breadless option for burritos.

Smoothies: Throw kale into a smoothie for a quick green fix.

Pizza: Use arugula pesto as a pizza topping that will make tomato sauce green with envy.

And the runners-up:

Eggs: We're all about yolks. New research suggests that the dietary cholesterol found in the yellow part of eggs actually doesn't have the negative effect on total blood cholesterol that was once thought.

Greek Yogurt: It's filling and a good source of calcium and protein. Everyone here tops it differently, from guava jelly to shredded cucumber and herbs.

Photo: Brent Hofacker,
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