The Sweets of Summer: Your Best #Healthy Desserts

We took to Instagram and asked you to share your best healthy desserts of the summer by using the hashtag #FoodNetworkFaves.
Healthy Summer Desserts

A few days back, we took to Instagram and asked you to share your best healthy desserts of the summer by using the hashtag #FoodNetworkFaves. And my — oh, my — did you deliver. Our feed was studded with fruity treats, home-baked confections and more good-for-you sweets that prove this summer was the sweetest yet. Here are some of our favorites.

N'otmeal Cookies

When  @thewholesmiths baked oatmeal cookies, she forgot the oatmeal — on purpose. With a surprising base of almond and tapioca flowers, shredded coconut and coconut sugar, these 20-minute  No'tmeal Raisin Cookies boast the same texture and flavor as your classic oatmeal cookies — raisins and all — while being grain-free and paleo to boot.

Banana-Spinach Muffins

Rethink the color of your sweets by going green like  @vitsky. She baked a batch of Spinach-Banana Muffins tinged green and loaded with the naturally sweet flavor of bananas. Get your own dose of home-baked banana goodness with this healthy, double-the-color recipe.

Almond Milk Pudding

@mayihavethatrecipe's tiered  Vegan Rosewater Almond Milk Pudding is flooded with color, layer by layer. The homemade floral pudding contrasts with juicy pomegranate seeds and nutty, crunchy pistachios for a light, scoopable treat that will brighten up any summer table.

Fruit Ice Pops

Nothing says summer like frosty, fruity ice pops.  @simplybeautifuleating froze a bunch of multihued Fruit-Infused Popsicles — the best thing to hit your pop mold all summer. They're simply made with fruits like watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple, raspberry and mango, plus a squeeze of lime and a little honey.

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