Order This, Not That: Taco Bell

Are you “thinking outside the bun” and craving a tortilla or soft taco? You may want to think twice before ordering at this Mexican-inspired fast food chain or at least see what we suggest.

Are you "thinking outside the bun" and craving a tortilla or soft taco? If you're on the go and this Mexican-inspired fast food chain is the best you can find, keep this in mind before you order...

ORDER: Keep it simple and small

Go simple and watch your portions. Once you start ordering multiple chalupas, gorditas and tacos, the calories add up quickly. Choose one or two beef or steak Fresco Soft Tacos (160 to 180 calories each) or Spicy Chicken Soft Tacos (170 calories). One gordita, which ranges from 270 to 340 calories, is a better choice than a chalupa, which averages between 340 to 410 calories.

NOT: Salad (yes, salad)

You think ordering a salad will skim those calories -- think again! The Fiesta Taco Salad weighs in at 840 calories, with close to 50% of those calories coming from fat. The Chicken Fiesta Taco Salad has 780 calories and the Express Taco Salad rounds the group at 600 calories.

Avoid looking for a deal with the super-sized, 42-ounce soda, too. That tacks on about 525 calories and a whole lot of sugar. As obvious as it may sound, go for the diet soft drink or just plain water.

As for the "Fourthmeal" that Taco Bell promotes as a snack between dinner and breakfast, you know better than that! A healthy diet should include three meals and between two-to-three simple snacks a day. Avoid late-night fare whenever possible.

Check out Taco Bell’s full nutrition information.

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