The Healthy Eats Q & A: Chef Marc Murphy

marc murphy

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Chef Marc Murphy has devoted his career to creating innovative cuisine. He currently presides over five New York restaurants -- two locations of Landmarc, a bistro with Italian influences, two locations of his New York-style fish shack, Ditch Plains, and his latest venture, Kingside, which features a New American menu. He's also a regular judge on Chopped. Here, he opens up about some of his own eating habits -- which include loving kale and french fries both.

What health-food trend would you like to see go away?

Week-long juice cleanses. I love a great juice, but I don't think you should use it as a meal replacement every day. Everything in moderation.

What healthy items do you always have on hand in the kitchen, and how do you use them?

I always like to have some healthy grains like quinoa and farro around. At my newest restaurant Kingside, we just added a brick-roasted poussin with winter squash, farro and mustard greens, and it's delicious!

What's your favorite vegetable, and how do you like to prepare it?

I love broccoli rabe and usually prepare it by sauteing with garlic and black olives or feta and chili flakes.

What kitchen tool is key to easy, healthy cooking?

The Japanese mandoline. It can slice anything, which makes vegetables easy to prepare.

What's a dish that people think is bad for them but that can actually be made healthy?

Creamy soups, like cream of broccoli. Instead of using cream or butter, you can actually thicken the sauce by using pureed vegetables and chicken stock, which is much healthier.

Kale: Love it or hate it?

I love it because it's an extremely versatile vegetable. You can use it in salads, soups or as a side, and it goes great with a variety of flavor combinations.

What one vice can you not live without?
French fries!

Photo by Jason Shaltz

Sally Wadyka is a Boulder, Colorado-based journalist who writes about nutrition, health and wellness.

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