Order This, Not That: The Melting Pot

Find out what your lighter options are at this fondue chain.

Got fondue on your mind? Check out our list of do's and don’ts before your next trip to this ever-popular chain.


Each pot of cheesy goodness is served with bread and vegetables, and you can even tack on some cured meats — to save calories, gravitate more toward the veggies!

Order This: Spinach Artichoke — at least there are some vegetables displacing some of the cheese, and this one is made without alcohol. The portions here are anything but skimpy, so be prepared to share with the table.

Not This: Wisconsin Trio — lots of high-fat cheese, plus more calories from wine and sherry.


Meat and fish come to the table raw so that patrons can dunk and cook them in hot liquid. Be mindful of the food safety risks and try not to contaminate your table and hands with raw meat!

Order This: Order up lean meats like All-Natural Breast of Chicken, Memphis-Style BBQ Pork Medallion, Salmon Filet or Pacific White Shrimp. There’s also a Good Earth Vegetarian option that includes protein-packed goodies like edamame and tofu. Opt for the broth-based cooking liquids to prevent the addition of even more calories.

Not This: Higher-fat meats like Honey-Orange Duck Breast and Andouille Sausage will rack up the calories. Also shy away from the Bourguignonne-style cooking method, which involves battering and frying your entree selection. Entrees also come with a wide variety of sauces, most of which are filled with high-fat and/or high-sugar ingredients — use them sparingly, if at all!


It wouldn’t be a fondue meal without chocolate, but keep in mind that you’ve already taken in quite a few calories by this point. All fondue is served with a smorgasbord of dippers, including fresh fruit, fancy pastries, cake and other baked goods. As with the cheese fondue, plan on sharing and opt for mostly fresh ingredients like fruit; the calories are much lower, and there are plenty of those in the chocolate!

Order This: Savory Strawberry and Pure Dark Chocolate are the simplest and cleanest menu items.

Not This: Cookie N’ Cream Marshmallow Dream and Flaming Turtle may sound tempting but are really crazy concoctions of chocolate plus more high fat ingredients like caramel, nuts, and cookies.

Dana Angelo White, MS, RD, ATC, is a registered dietitian, certified athletic trainer and owner of Dana White Nutrition, Inc., which specializes in culinary and sports nutrition.

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