All the Kitchen Tools You Need To Make the Most of Your Apple-Picking Haul

Cider, doughnuts and pie! Oh my!

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September 21, 2018
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The scent of apples is in the air. If you're planning a trip to pick your own, you're going to need some kitchen gear to make the most of your multiple bags of fruit. Luckily, we've done some shopping for you. Check out what we found.

An apple-shaped pie dish leaves no question about the contents of your fresh-out-of-the-oven crumble. No guarantees that it makes it taste any better, but our money is on that being the case.

Hand cutting pie crust decorations can be tricky. It takes a lot of artistic skill and a steady hand. Make an end-run around those obstacles by using pie crust cutters themed for fall. They're as easy to use as cookie cutters and will give you a pie that is Instagram-ready.

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This apple peeler and corer is just like the type that your grandmother may have used. When something works well, why change it? You can cut down your apple prep time by several orders of magnitude with a machine made for the job.

A homey apple pie deserves a mug of hot drink. Make your slice of breakfast pie (who are we kidding? Breakfast pie is the best pie!) feel like its in good company with a speckled enamel mug. The campfire-inspired look will make your coffee taste extra good. Promise.

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One of the best parts of going to an orchard to pick apples is the high likelihood that there will be fresh-baked apple cider donuts to give you your energy back after all that work. Replicate the experience at home by using a silicone pan for making your own apple donuts.

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Measure all your ingredients for baking in gorgeous copper cup and spoons. They'll wear beautifully, even if they patina, and will look great hung in your kitchen within arm's reach.

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The contoured lip on this ceramic pie dish will help to ensure your pie crust comes out as pretty as it is delicious. And its deep body will guarantee that you can squeeze in as many yummy apple slices as possible.

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OXO makes ergonomically-friendly tools for the kitchen, and this corer is as simple and comfortable to use as possible. You can work through a batch of apples in minutes without sore hands at the end of your work.

Set yourself up for pie crust success with the right tools. This set comes with a bench scraper (your countertops will thank you and you'll wonder how you lived without one), a fluted cutter, pastry brush, and spatulas. By the end of apple season, you'll be a pro.

Apple cakes are so delicious, but not necessarily the prettiest of goodies. Change the look of a plain-looking loaf with a pan that has sculptural apples on the bottom and braiding around the edges. Fair warning, it may come out too pretty to cut.

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If there's a better accompaniment to an apple pie or streusel than a deep, rich cup of coffee, I don't know what it is. Get a deliciously aromatic cup with a French press like this one. It's big enough for several cups, which is perfect for several slices of pie.

If you're more a tea drinker than a coffee sipper, do yourself a favor and serve your beverage of choice up in a teapot. It can turn an average after-dinner treat into a tea party with no effort at all. The vintage-feel of this one is pretty without being overly frilly, but by all means, go all frilly if that's your jam!

Not only are aprons functional, but they can set the whole mood when you want to spend hours baking away. Tie on this apple-printed apron, put on a little music and enjoy your efforts even more while sparing your clothes from your flour-covered hands.

For a major decorative statement, bake your salty caramel-apple pie in a dish that is as pretty as your pastry. This one feels like it would've been just as at home in a kitchen decades ago as it does today.

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When you get a little overzealous with picking, chances are pretty good that you'll end up with a glut of apples that you need to use up quickly. Get yourself a slow cooker to cook your ripe apples down for homemade applesauce.

Getting yourself a marble rolling pin is an investment that you're not likely to regret. The marble keeps the dough from sticking while rolling or unrolling into the pan, while the weight of the stone eases the effort you've got to spend for an even crust.

After hours spent in the kitchen baking your perfect dessert, why would you serve it up on a boring dinner plate? Get yourself a set of dessert plates that's up to the task. This one is fall-themed (with a heavy bent toward Thanksgiving), with a ring of fall leaves to encircle your apple-y treat.

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