Ted Allen's Holiday Happy Hour Recipes

The Chopped host gathers his food-savvy friends for an end-of-year cocktail party.

Ted's Cocktail Party

With their own house under renovation, Ted and partner Barry Rice (seated, left) borrowed the home of Chopped producer Linda Lea (center) and Pamela Nelson (right) for the party.

White-Bean Soup Shooters with Bacon

As each guest enters, Ted greets the newcomer with a welcoming shot of white-bean soup.

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Due Campari Nuovo

Garnish this festive cocktail with a flamed orange twist. To make,light a match over the cocktail and squeeze a strip of peel over the match to release the oils. Drop the peel into the drink.

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Crostini with Thyme-Roasted Tomatoes

Small bites like crostini let guests hold onto their cocktails.

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Porchetta and Polenta

Ted's favorite dinner party tip: Cook with the oven more than the stove.

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Food-Savvy Guests

Ted's food-obsessed guests include Pamela Nelson, who co-owns the Butter Lane bakery in New York City. Still, Ted says, "this is how we like to entertain-nothing too fussy."

Food-Savvy Guests

Ted's friends (from left) Peter Ross, Chuck Gonzales, Masood Kamandy and Michael Thibeault.

Happy New Year

Ted's end-of-year cocktail party spread.

Crudo on the Half Shell

When you’re serving raw seafood, make sure it’s fresh. Use a trusted supplier and let him or her know you will be eating the fish raw.

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Chocolate Cannoli Sandwich Cookies

Ted can’t take credit for these — baking is Barry’s department.

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