How to Host a "Pretty in Pink" Shower

We've all been there: Your nearest and dearest is preparing to walk down the aisle or expecting her first baby, and it's your job to throw her a party that's feminine, unique and memorable. For most, hosting a shower means big spending and lots of stressing, but with just a bit of preparation and these simple tips, the next shower you host will come together in a flash!

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Set the Scene

Set up a striking buffet area that’ll be the focus of your event. Lay a positively pink foundation by creating your own tie-dyed tablecloth and using it to cover any table. Then, tall taper candles in different shades of pink add height and interest when inserted into mix-and-match vintage brass candlesticks, a must-have for any hostess.


By Camille Styles, photography by Molly Winters

Paper Pretties

When decorating your party space, think of empty walls as blank canvases ready for festive touches. This bright garland was created by folding cupcake liners in half over kitchen twine, then securing with hot glue. Experiment by using different shades of pink or even patterned or metallic cupcake liners. 

All in Bloom

Carnations often get a bad rap, but when arranged and displayed thoughtfully, they can look as elegant as an expensive bouquet. For your all-pink affair, simply purchase two dozen in different shades of pink, peach or white. Then group the flowers in small bunches, cut the ends to fit the height of your face, and place in water. Remove, add and adjust stems as needed, then set out on any surface that’s in need of a decorative boost.

Berry Blast

Not only is infused water delicious and refreshing, but it also makes for a gorgeous and colorful display. To make this brew, simply fill a dispenser three-quarters full of water, then add sliced strawberries and cucumbers. Set out on the buffet for an attractive presentation that allows guests to fill up and refill as they please.

Cool and Crisp

The best hors d'oeuvres are ones that can be picked up and enjoyed utensil free — of course, it doesn’t hurt if they’re pretty to look at too! These crisp cucumber cups are filled with flavorful red pepper hummus and topped with a sprig of cilantro for garnish. Arrange on a classic white serving platter for a clean presentation, and prepare to replenish, as these tasty bites will be flying off the plate all afternoon. 

Get the Recipe: Roasted Red Pepper Hummus in Cucumber Cups

Bite-Size Delights

When planning the menu for your shower, opt for lighter, fresh fare that won’t leave guests feeling weighed down or stuffed. Everyone loves smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwiches, so we chose to make an open-faced version that incorporates the same tasty ingredients, but requires only half the bread. Set out on a modern cake stand for added height on the buffet, and let guests grab and munch as they desire.

Get the Recipe: Open Face Smoked Salmon Finger Sandwiches with Herbed Horseradish Cream Cheese

Floral Fantasy

Every meal needs a sweet finale! And if you’re serving up a dessert that you’re especially proud of, it might as well take center stage at the buffet throughout the entire event. This homemade two-layer cake was iced with pale-pink frosting for an imperfect, rustic look, then topped with real pink carnations.

Pretty Presentation

Simply cut the stems of any leftover flowers from the arrangements, insert artfully into the cake, then set out on your favorite cake stand.

Decor That Does More

Setting up a cocktail station where guests can help themselves is an impactful way to add a festive element to any shower — and it couldn’t be easier to do. Have some artwork in an area of the house that won’t get much foot traffic during the event? Repurpose it as a decorative element in no time! This framed graphic reads “yes way rosé,” and it is the perfect addition to a bar cart that’ll be brimming with fizzy sparkling wine.

Pack a Punch

When it comes to home entertaining, punch is always a good idea. The presentation is gorgeous, guests have the freedom to serve themselves, and the large serving bowl means that you don’t have to fret about replenishing every 30 minutes! In keeping with this oh-so-feminine affair, we stirred up Pink Lemonade Champagne Punch, made flavorful with strawberries, peaches, mangoes and, of course, lots of bubbles.

Get the Recipe: Pink Lemonade Champagne Punch

Pour It Up

Set out your punch bowl alongside any other beverages you’ll be serving, and don’t forget the glassware! Mix and match your favorite sets, and get it all party ready with fun straws and tasty garnishes.

A Place for Presents

Remember to designate a space where guests can set their gifts upon arrival. And because this is a shower, you can expect a lot! Remember to place presents where they’ll be easy to access when it comes time for the guest of honor to unwrap them all.

Words of Wisdom

In addition to the many thoughtful gifts she’ll be receiving, send your guest of honor home with a sentimental keepsake that she’ll cherish for years. Simply purchase a classic unlined notebook in which guests can inscribe their kind messages. Then, for a playful, interactive element, provide different shades of lipstick so each note can be sealed with a kiss by its author. Guests will have a blast getting playful with rouge, and then they'll be all dolled up for the party!

Go Global

Some things never change: No matter your age or the occasion, balloons are always a welcome treat. For a more interesting version of everyone’s favorite party decor, purchase jumbo balloons in — what else? — pink! Each one of these balloons is 3 feet wide, so you’ll need just a few to truly wow guests.

It's the Little Things

Put your crafting skills to good use by transforming store-bought matchboxes into sweet party favors for guests. All you’ll need: colored card stock paper, scissors, glue and lipstick. Simply cut paper to fit around the matchbox, secure with glue, then seal with a kiss!


Toast to a successful event and exciting new changes for your guest of honor!