5 Fall-Themed Doughnuts

Here are five ways to make your homemade or store-bought doughnuts — fried, frosted and then covered with outrageous toppings — perfect for the fall season. 

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Apple Pie Doughnut

Slice a round yeast doughnut three-quarters of the way through, coat the top with vanilla glaze, then pile apple pie filling (with added cinnamon and nutmeg if needed) in the middle. Top the doughnut's vanilla glaze with cinnamon-sugar-coated, baked pie crust crumbles.

Halloween Candy Bag Doughnut

While your kids are sleeping, raid their candy bags for the best candy bars. Coarsely chop the candy bars, then add to the top of orange-candy-coated doughnuts for a decadent treat. 

S'Mores Doughnut (or the S'Moughnut)

Both doughnuts and s'mores are super-trendy at the moment, so why not combine them and make a s'moughnut? Take a round yeast doughnut and fill it with marshmallow creme using a pastry bag. Coat the doughnut with a generous spread of melted chocolate, sprinkle with graham cracker crumbs, and top with toasted mini marshmallows. 

Maple-Bacon Doughnut

Add some bacon mania to your doughnut by first glazing it with maple frosting, then topping it with loads of crumbled crispy bacon. Just before serving, cover it with some maple syrup. 

Pumpkin Pie Doughnut

Using a pastry bag, fill a round yeast doughnut with prepared pumpkin pie filling. Glaze the top with vanilla cream cheese frosting and sprinkle with pumpkin spice for a perfect fall treat.