20 Hearty Dishes Perfect for Father’s Day Breakfast or Brunch

The way to Dad’s heart? A delicious meal! From egg-topped burgers and breakfast pizzas to stuffed pancakes and sweet coffee cake, these recipes are sure to show him just how much you care.

May 15, 2023

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Photo By: Matt Armendariz ©2014, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved


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Photo By: Armando Rafael

Photo By: Matt Armendariz ©2014, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved

Photo By: Armando Rafael

Father's Day Brunch Ideas Dad Will Love

There’s no better way to kick off Dad’s big day than with a special breakfast or brunch, made just for him. He’ll love sitting down to a plate of eggs, potatoes and homemade pastries—and a hearty meal is guaranteed to keep him full until it’s time for dinner or grilling. (Or, opening Father’s Day gifts!) We’ve rounded up lots of dad-approved recipes to get you started but don’t forget it’s OK to keep it simple. Even a dish that uses minimal ingredients like this Steak and Eggs is sure to make Dad feel like a king!

Get the Recipe: Steak and Eggs

Smashed Potato–Chorizo Hash

No dad-approved breakfast or bunch would be complete without a good, hearty hash. This potato-and-sausage-loaded version has plenty of flavor thanks to onion and shishito peppers — and is finished perfectly with a fried egg. It's guaranteed to keep everyone full.

Get the Recipe: Smashed Potato–Chorizo Hash

Everything Seed Buns

This is an everything bagel in bun form. Filled with cream cheese and that familiar seed mixture, these savory baked treats are great for brunch. Serve with smoked salmon on the side.

Get the Recipe: Everything Seed Buns

Hashed Browns

Potatoes, onions and a few fresh herbs — that’s all it takes to round out any Father’s Day breakfast or brunch spread.

Get the Recipe: Hashed Browns

Spicy Bloody Marys

A great cocktail is a must for any special occasion brunch, Father’s Day included. Ina amps up the classic Bloody Mary by adding a little prepared horseradish. It lends just just the right amount of spiciness.

Get the Recipe: Spicy Bloody Marys

Breakfast Bagel Burgers

Is Dad a fan of burgers? Then, he’ll love these early-morning patties. They’re sweet and smoky from a combination of maple sausage and breakfast sausage. Finish them off with Cheddar, a fried egg and a quick hot sauce mayo.

Get the Recipe: Breakfast Bagel Burgers

Bourbon-Glazed Coffee Cake with Fig Preserves

Even if Dad isn’t a sweets kind of guy, he won’t be able to resist this sour cream coffee cake, topped with a bourbon-infused glaze.

Get the Recipe: Bourbon-Glazed Coffee Cake with Fig Preserves

Classic Eggs Benedict

A classic for a reason, Dad will appreciate the time and effort that goes into this creamy, decadent breakfast dish.

Get the Recipe: Classic Eggs Benedict

Mini Chicken and Waffles

If Dad’s a savory breakfast kind of guy, he’ll appreciate this untraditional take on chicken and waffles. It comes together in just a few minutes thanks to waffle fries and baked chicken nuggets — and gets just a hint of sweetness from honey instead of maple syrup.

Get the Recipe: Mini Chicken and Waffles

Steak and Eggs Benedict with Spicy Hollandaise

Brunch just got a meaty upgrade. Skip the Canadian bacon and build your Eggs Benedict with hearty cuts of tenderloin steak instead.

Get the Recipe: Steak and Eggs Benedict with Spicy Hollandaise

Bacon-Egg-And-Cheese-Stuffed Pancakes

We’ve packed all the fixings for an entire breakfast sandwich into one stick-to-your ribs pancake! Top these hearty flapjacks with hot sauce, ketchup and a drizzle of maple syrup for the perfect sweet-and-savory bite.

Get the Recipe: Bacon-Egg-And-Cheese-Stuffed Pancakes

BLT Biscuit Sliders

If your dad is anything like the ones we know, then he’s never met a slider he didn’t like! That being said, we know he’ll love this BLT-inspired version with all the classic toppings sandwiched between a warm, cheesy biscuit.

Get the Recipe: BLT Biscuit Sliders

Truffled Scrambled Eggs

Effortlessly elevate Dad’s plate of scrambled eggs by incorporating a little bit of truffle butter, like Ina does!

Get the Recipe: Truffled Scrambled Eggs

Hash Brown Breakfast Pizza

The best way to enjoy pizza for breakfast? With Ree’s version that’s built on a crispy hash brown crust!

Get the Recipe: Hash Brown Breakfast Pizza

Breakfast Sausage Cornbread

The great thing about this easy, upgraded cornbread is that you can make it ahead of time. It’s great warm — but equally as delicious at room temperature.

Get the Recipe: Breakfast Sausage Cornbread

Eggs in Tomatoes

If your dad’s a savory breakfast kind of guy, this quick and easy dish is sure to become his new favorite. Ree cooks eggs in a simple tomato sauce, then serves everything over toasty bread.

Get the Recipe: Eggs in Tomatoes

Bacon, Cheese and Chive Buns

These bacon-filled savory rolls are perfect for brunch. They can be baked a day ahead, refrigerated and reheated.

Get the Recipe: Bacon, Cheese and Chive Buns

Sunny's Easy Bacon 'n' Egg Breakfast Pizza

You won’t have to convince Dad to eat his breakfast with this cheesy, bacon-topped pie. If Dad’s into outdoor cooking, throw the pizza on the grill — and start the day right!

Get the Recipe: Sunny's Easy Bacon 'n' Egg Breakfast Pizza

Breakfast Hash

Ree’s hearty hash is a great way to use up the odds and ends in your refrigerator — bacon, veggies, goat cheese — but undeniably delicious enough for any Father’s Day meal.

Get the Recipe: Breakfast Hash

Orange-Raspberry Coffee Cake

We combine raspberry jam and fresh raspberries for a filling that’s extra flavorful. The coffee cake is topped with an orange-spiced crumb and an orange juice-based glaze for extra sweetness.

Get the Recipe: Orange-Raspberry Coffee Cake

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