Cookie Countdown 2018

Time for our annual cookie collection! We created a new recipe for every day until Christmas.

The Countdown Starts Now!

White Chocolate Sugar Cookies

We loved these creamy white chocolate sugar cookies so much, we had to give them a spot on our December cover. Top with red and green nonpareil sprinkles for a festive holiday touch.

Get the Recipe: White Chocolate Sugar Cookies

Coconut-Cereal Macaroons

Use a cup of your favorite corn cereal to make these crunchy dark chocolate-dipped macaroons.

Get the Recipe: Coconut-Cereal Macaroons

Fruitcake Cookies

Soaking your dried currants in warm Amaretto liquer infuses these fruity cookies with a hint of nuttiness.

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Spiced Graham People

Give your traditional gingerbread men this Christmas off and make these spicy graham cracker people instead. Honey and graham flour give these guys some subtle sweetness. Decorate with royal icing to give your people their own individual personalities.

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Chocolate-Hazelnut Sandwich Cookies

Three types of hazelnuts are used to create these luscious cookie sandwiches: blanched hazelnuts, hazelnut liqueur and chocolate-hazelnut spread.

Get the Recipe: Chocolate-Hazelnut Sandwich Cookies

Lemon-Tahini Cookies

Add a tropical note to your cookie swap this year with these citrusy lemon-tahini rounds. Pair them with a mulled cocktail or creamy eggnog for a double dose of holiday cheer.

Get the Recipe: Lemon-Tahini Cookies

Chocolate-Peppermint Cookies

Peppermint is a must-have ingredient for Christmas cookies. Add these fresh chocolate logs to your menu this year for a frosty and fun surprise.

Get the Recipe: Chocolate-Peppermint Cookies

Cinnamon Twists

Knead all your winter blues away with these yeasty cinnamon twists. Eat them the same day you bake them for a delightful end-of-day treat.

Get the Recipe: Cinnamon Twists

Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies

Scrooge himself wouldn't be able to resist these buttery rounds, and we're willing to bet you won't be able to either. Combine creamy peanut butter and salty peanuts to pack each cookie with a double-dose of nutty flavor.

Get the Recipe: Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies

Brownie Cookies

These cookies combine the moist decadence of a fudgy brownie with the crispy texture of a chocolate chip cookie. Use a tablespoon of instant espresso powder to add a delicously naughty kick to every bite.

Get the Recipe: Brownie Cookies

Walnut Eggnog Snowballs

Fair Warning: A snowball fight may ensue when you pull these powdery beauties out of your oven. Roll the dough balls in confectioners' sugar when warm and then again when cooled for extra snow-like goodness.

Get the Recipe: Walnut Eggnog Snowballs

Macadamia-Lime Icebox Cookies

Use three limes and gel coloring to give these cookies their Grinchy green glow.

Get the Recipe: Macadamia-Lime Icebox Cookies

Pine Nut-Cherry Thumbprints

Thumbprint cookies are a beloved Christmas tradition. Add an unexpected and modern touch to yours by adding in lemon yest, almond paste and pine nuts.

Get the Recipe: Pine Nut-Cherry Thumbprints

Matcha Palmiers

Add some Fa-la-la-la-Flavor to your ingredients list this December with these matcha elephant ear cookies. One sheet of puff pastry and matcha powder are all you need to add a earthy note to your dessert spread.

Get the Recipe: Matcha Palmiers

Oatmeal Shortbread Wreaths

One cup of crushed freeze-dried cranberries and some old fashioned oats give these wreath-shaped shortbread cookies some seasonsal flair.

Get the Recipe: Oatmeal Shortbread Wreaths

Coconut-Oatmeal Cookie Pies

Your guests will be rocking around the dessert table when you place a tray of these creamy cookie pies on top. Cover your cookie tops and bottoms in coarse white sugar for additional sparkle.

Get the Recipe: Coconut-Oatmeal Cookie Pies

Cranberry-Lemon Bars

Swap out your go-to lemon bars with these cranberry layered versions for a tart-meets-tangy confection.

Get the Recipe: Cranberry-Lemon Bars

Chocolate Gingerbread Squares

Ginger jam, gingerbread spice and crystallized ginger combined to infuse these chocolaty squares with the magic of traditional gingerbread cookies.

Get the Recipe: Chocolate Gingerbread Squares

Pistachio-Apricot Rugelach

The filling of these flaky rugelach pastries are chock-full of dried apricots, apricot preserves, roasted pistachios and ground cinnamon.

Get the Recipe: Pistachio-Apricot Rugelach

Polenta-Parmesan Cookies

These savory squares make a great addition to any holiday party. Yellow polenta and finely grated Parmesan form the cookie's base while a sweet blend of black pepper and white sanding sugar make the crunchy topping.

Get the Recipe: Polenta-Parmesan Cookies

Coffee-Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookies

Although its been said many times and many ways, chocolate chips will always reign supreme on our list of top cookies. Three types of chips are used to make these mouth-watering coffee-toffee versions – dark chocolate, white chocolate and chocolate toffee. Have your guests dunk them in peppermint coffee or hot cocoa for a melty treat.

Get the Recipe: Coffee-Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookies

Vanilla-Citrus Biscotti

Santa Claus is sure to make a pit-stop in your town if he hears you're whipping up a batch of these vanilla-citrus biscotti. Grate lemon and grapefruit zest to give your cookie dough strong notes of citrus.

Get the Recipe: Vanilla-Citrus Biscotti

Chai Meringue Drops

Add a note of sophistication to your cookie menu with these snow-white meringues. Mix the contents of one bag of English Breakfast tea with ground cardamon, cinnamon, ginger, cloves and vanilla extract to give your swirls a warm and aromatic touch.

Get the Recipe: Chai Meringue Drops

Red Hot Cinnamon Spritz Cookies

The weather outside might be frightful, but your night is sure to be delightful with these red hot spritz cookies. Cayenne pepper and cinnamon extract give these bright red stamps their flaming flavor.

Get the Recipe: Red Hot Cinnamon Spritz Cookies

Pumpkin Ravioli Cookies

You'll need a pasta machine to make these pumpkin-filled beauties. 1/2 cup of dry white wine and 3/4 cups of pumpkin butter give each fried pillow their holly-jolly taste. Serve them warm or at room temperature with a round of pumpkin spice lattes for the ultimate pumpkin experience.

Get the Recipe: Pumpkin Ravioli Cookies