Holidays on the Menu

Celebrating at a restaurant this year? Get the stats on holiday menu favorites from coast to coast. Plus, check out the holiday season's most-popular delivery orders.

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Menus by the Numbers

Menu analysts at Food Genius and GrubHub shared stats on what restaurants are serving — and what you’re ordering — throughout the holiday season. Plus, find out what you'll pay for holiday favorites like prime rib and lobster at restaurants across the country, and what are the most-popular dishes ordered for delivery on Christmas and New Year's. 

Prime Time for Prime Rib

The priciest prime rib? According to Food Genius, in New Hampshire, where 10 percent of restaurant menus offer prime rib, the average menu price is $13.08. That’s higher than the dish averages in New York ($12.06) and California ($11.74). The best bargain? In Idaho, where 8 percent of restaurants offer prime rib, the average menu price for the dish is $8. 

Splurge on Lobster

This luxury ingredient shows up on 9 percent of restaurant menus nationwide, with an average price of $14.67. In Massachusetts, there’s a lot more lobster to be ordered — you’ll find it on 23 percent of menus.

Luxury Steak

While “steak” shows up on 67 percent of restaurant menus nationwide, the pricey filet mignon is only offered on 12 percent of menus, at an average price of $22.33.

Feast on Shrimp

This ever-popular shellfish shows up on 28 percent of restaurant menus nationwide. The average price of a shrimp dish is $10.71. Top destinations for shrimp lovers? Not as coastal as you might think: New York and Washington, D.C., where shrimp can be found on over half of all restaurant menus. 

Hanukkah Latke Fix

Eighteen percent of restaurant menus offering latkes can be found in New York, followed by 13 percent in Florida.

Ordering In

Dining out on Christmas and New Year’s Eve tends to mean fancy meals and fixed-price menus, but ordering in tells another story. 

Christmas-Day Delivery

The most-ordered dish on Christmas Day, according to GrubHub, is pizza. Chinese food is also extremely popular on Christmas, with egg rolls, wonton soup, General Tso’s chicken, and hot-and-sour soup all showing up in the top 10 dishes ordered that day. Chinese cuisine dominates for Christmas Day orders because Chinese restaurants tend to stay open — and because it’s an unofficial Jewish custom to eat Chinese food on Christmas.

New Year's Eve Recovery

Top delivery orders on New Year’s Day include lots of greasy comfort foods: pizza, mozzarella sticks, french fries, bacon. Gatorade is also popular on January 1 — on food delivery site GrubHub, it’s ordered 96 percent more on that day than on any other day throughout the past year.