Behind the Scenes of Food Network's Holiday Promo Shoot

Get an insider's look at what went down when your favorite Food Network chefs, a reindeer and a puppy came together to celebrate the holiday season.

Shining Sandra

Posing in front of a glowing backdrop of holiday lights, Sandra Lee said that if she could buy just one Food Network star a present, it would be the gift of more time with his family for Guy Fieri.

Personal Style

Giada De Laurentiis was all smiles when she unwrapped her gift from friend and fellow Food Network Star mentor, Bobby Flay. This glittery, bow-adorned dress is a stylish, show-stopping number.

Frosted Forest, Indoors

The scene was set to create a snow-blanketed winter wonderland inside Food Network's New York City studio.


Not one to shy away from a less-than-glamorous challenge, Alton Brown gladly sported a pair of rubber gloves to prepare for milking duty on his new pet reindeer.

Fancy Footwear

Sunny Anderson looked a bit perplexed when her new pair of red wooden clogs from Anne Burrell was revealed. She was, however, a bit more pleased with her other present: a pair of toed socks, which she took home from the shoot.

A Leg Up

Guy Fieri revealed that he owns a full-size leg lamp similar to the one featured in his favorite holiday movie, A Christmas Story.

Bobby Takes on the Banjo

Although he joked, "Can I give this back?" when his gift of a banjo from Trisha Yearwood was revealed, Bobby quickly warmed up to it and even sported a cowboy hat to complete the scene.

Comet Comes to New York

No holiday celebration is complete without one of Santa Claus' reindeer, and at this get-together, it was Comet who made an appearance. Gentle and docile, Comet graciously posed alongside Food Network stars Alton Brown, Alex Guarnaschelli and Bobby Flay.

Holiday Anticipation

Just like an excited child, Robert Irvine, too, enjoys opening presents early on Christmas morning, as he admits to wanting to find out what's waiting for him underneath the tree.

To: Friends, From: Alton

Although every chef gave and received one present from a fellow Food Network star as part of a holiday gift exchange, each of them was gifted one very special present from Alton: a gallon of fresh reindeer milk courtesy of Comet and Alton's brand-new milking pail.

Dog Days

A gift to Paula on loan from Food Network, this 9-week-old cuddly puppy rested quietly behind the scenes as cameras rolled just a few feet away.

Bedtime Wear

Ted Allen didn't have to be convinced to don these one-piece footed pajamas; in fact, he volunteered to step into this red, snowflake-covered getup just moments after unwrapping it.

Know Your Place

The production team filming the holiday shoot kept more than one dozen rolls of bright, colorful tape on hand to mark the floor with precise locations for the cameras and chefs.

Puppy Love

Instantly enamored of her new, furry, four-legged friend, Paula admitted, "I have got a soft spot for animals. Reindeer milk, not so much."

Redefining Tradition

Food Network's newest star, Justin Warner, dished on his nontraditional holiday meals. On most large holidays, he can be found at a restaurant enjoying jellyfish, dumplings and seafood-stuffed pineapple with friends.

Milk and Cocoa

"Big ol' pot of reindeer cocoa coming up," Rachael said when she was gifted a gallon of Reindeer Milk from Alton.

Lights, Camera, Action

It took dozens of strands of different-styled lights to create this glowing, intimate backdrop to illuminate the chefs as they spoke of their happiest holiday memories and would-be gifts for fellow Food Network stars.

Look-Alike Antlers

Before shooting alongside Comet, Alex donned a headband of reindeer antlers to match Comet's pair. Alex's antlers weighed a mere few ounces and were just a few inches tall, but Comet's were 25 pounds heavy and spanned at least two feet wide.

Christmases Past

When asked about how she celebrated the holidays growing up and how she does so today, Anne Burrell painted an idyllic picture of a relaxed, family-focused season filled with home-cooked food, flannel pajamas, holiday films like the original version of Miracle on 34th Street and songs like Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree and Feliz Navidad.

Multipurpose Barn

This rustic yet comfortable barnyard set was created in a far corner of the studio and served as Comet's home at Food Network and the sight of personal interviews with several chefs.