Giada's Edible Gifts

Giada De Laurentiis knows just what to bring her food-loving friends around the holidays: homemade edible gifts.

Photo By: James Baigrie

Photo By: GEMMA COMAS ©2010 Gemma Comas Photography

Photo By: GEMMA COMAS ©2010 Gemma Comas Photography

Photo By: GEMMA COMAS ©2010 Gemma Comas Photography

Photo By: GEMMA COMAS ©2010 Gemma Comas Photography

Giada's Perfect Presents

When December rolls around, chefs are under serious pressure. They know that family and friends are expecting something delicious. So every year, Giada De Laurentiis gives her friends something out of her kitchen. (Photo: James Baigrie)

Ready-Made Dessert

Giada loves to give away a pretty ceramic loaf pan with a freshly baked cake inside. It's two gifts in one, plus the Ricotta Orange Pound Cake will stay fresh for three or four days (just keep it wrapped in plastic until you're ready to give it). "When I don't want chocolate for dessert, I love this cake," she says. "It even makes a great breakfast."

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Bellini Kit

Instead of arriving at a party with the same old bottle of bubbly, Giada suggests showing up with a Bellini kit. Bellinis are traditionally made with sparkling wine and fresh pureed peaches, which are hard to find this time of year, so Giada uses frozen. And she includes other purees alongside: blueberry, strawberry, you name it. She pours the purees into swing-top bottles and presents them in an ice bucket with prosecco.

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Cookbook With a Bonus

If you're going to give someone a cookbook, Giada suggests making a little something from the book to give along with it. These meringues from cookbook, Giada at Home, work well because they're easy to pack. "They're like air," she says. "You feel like they have no calories when you're eating them. Maybe that's why I like them so much!"

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Movie-Night Treat

Giada grew up around the movie biz, so she knows what film buffs need for a fun movie night: killer snacks. She loves giving away her rosemary oil for drizzling on popcorn. "It has a piny aroma that's great for the holidays," Giada says. She rounds out the gift with a popcorn bowl, some kernels, white wine and one of her grandfather's classic flicks. Tip: Cook 1 cup olive oil with 5 or 6 rosemary sprigs in a saucepan over medium heat, about 5 minutes. Remove from heat and cool to room temperature. Transfer the sprigs to a bottle or cruet, then add the oil and seal. Refrigerate up to 1 month.

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