Holiday Gifts for the Hostess

Reward the holiday hostess with a unique gift she won't soon forget. Our ideas include linens, scented handsoap, kitchen accessories and tea.
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Limited-Edition Iridescent Holiday Coffee, $15 for 12-Ounce Box

Why not give a gift that everyone not only loves, but needs? These java experts have never made a misstep, and this seasonally available blend is no exception.

Peppermint Glass Swizzle Sticks, $10 for Set of 4

Adorn glasses of your favorite wintertime beverage with these festive peppermint swizzle sticks.

Cheese Serving Plate, $45

This 12-inch ceramic cheese plate is pretty enough to hang on a kitchen wall, but useful enough that you won’t want to. Crackers fit neatly around the raised edge, and once everyone has eaten all the cheese, you still have a happy memory of it on your plate.

Gilded Age Decanter and Rocks Glass, $22 and $11

Inspired by vintage floral decals, this gilded decanter and glass harks back to another age. The gold pattern is delicate, but the decanter itself is sturdy enough for entertaining.

12 Days of Tea and 8 Nights of Tea, $40 and $28

Whether you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah, these celebratory tea sets will lend a warm and comforting touch to your holidays. (The 8 Nights set is even kosher-certified!)

Very Merry Tea Towels, $28

This whimsical tea towel collection reminds us what the holidays are all about.

Bottle Sweater and Hat, $6

Your holiday host will surely have a laugh unwrapping a gift bottle dressed for a snowball fight.

Sleigh Bell Bottle Opener, $16

Your host will love having this sturdy yet festive brass bottle opener on hand for future holiday parties.

Lucky Suns Coffee Mug, $18

Lovely in red and white, this hand-painted mug isn't just for coffee. Cozy up with some soup (because this mug is as big as a bowl!), or fill it with candies for your host to enjoy.

J.K. Adams Mettowee Collection — Met Trio, $80

The contrasting tones of maple and walnut will provide an eye-catching backdrop for your host's favorite dips, oils and breads.

Gingerbread People Place Card Cookies, $24 for Set of 4

These tasty gingerbread cookies double as edible place cards. Remember to provide guests' names when you submit your order and they'll come piped on each gingerbread apron!

Cheese Storage Paper & Bags, $35 for Set of 2

This handy two-ply cheese paper is made to preserve flavor and prevent unfinished blocks from drying out in the cheese drawer. Made in France, it's used by the finest cheese purveyors — but your holiday host will also benefit from having a roll or two on hand.

The Pioneer Woman Scalloped-Edge Serving Bowl 3-Piece Set, $20

The scalloped edges and country-inspired pattern on these versatile serving bowls adds a fun accent to any tablescape, no matter the season.

Pear Blossom Agave Glass Hand Soap, $19

Fragrant pears find new expression in the form of this soothing winter hand soap.

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