Holiday Gifts for Her

Find special Food Network-approved gifts for her during this Christmas and holiday season, including travel mugs, tote bags, kitchen accessories and tea.

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"Ladies First" Travel Mug, $26    

These double-walled, porcelain mugs tell it like it is —and each makes a chic accessory to carry on your morning commute.

Holiday Sweater Cutting Board, $48

This sturdy maple cutting board doubles as a festive holiday cheese board.

Trinket Macaron Limoge Boxes, $10

These whimsical trinket boxes are perfect for ladies with a soft spot for the classic French cookie.

Stock Up Tote Bag, $26

No more broken plastic bags: This durable canvas tote is designed for heavy trips to and from the farmers market.

Circles of Stone Egg Separator, $25

This little handmade pot is indispensable for anyone who loves to make homemade custard, mousse, meringue and (of course) egg-white omelets. Simply tilt the bowl and the white of the egg will separate from the yolk, coming out through the cleverly placed slit on the side.

White Gold Dip Simplicity Teapot and Cup, $36 and $12

Simple yet elegant, this gold-dipped porcelain tea set is a must-have for tea enthusiasts.

The Tea of the Month Collection, $26

This limited-edition box comes with a tea for every taste, whether you prefer spicy, sweet, fruity or indulgent.

Hibiki Matcha, $36

This koicha-grade matcha is prized for its thick consistency and unique umami flavor. Intensely aromatic and comforting, there's no better tea for a serious matcha lover.

Pear Blossom Agave Candle, $19

Made from beeswax and natural oils, this seasonal candle will fill your home with the floral scent of winter pear blossoms.

Cheers Necklace, $68

Raise a toast to champagne-loving friends with this sophisticated brass necklace from Olive and Poppy.

Junk Food Nail Tattoos, $6

Who can resist a loaded taco or a sweet frosted doughnut? These adorable nail tattoos display these tantalizing foods loudly and proudly.

Jazz Age Decanter, $78

Channel 1920s glamour at your next cocktail party with this Art Deco-inspired decanter.

Sprinkles Deviled Egg Tray, $8

Deviled eggs get the cheery presentation they deserve with this bright and feminine egg tray.

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