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Food Network Staffers' Go-To Gifts for Their Thanksgiving Host

Preparing Thanksgiving dinner is no simple feat — so if there's anyone who deserves a show of gratitude, it's the host. Find out how Food Network staffers plan to say "thanks" to their Thanksgiving hosts at this year's feast.

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Hammered Copper Mugs, $30

"This year, I'll be giving Williams-Sonoma Hammered Copper Collection mugs, which are perfect for Moscow Mules. To make the gift complete and eliminate work for my hostess, I'll pair it with a bottle of Myer Farm Ginger Vodka and a six-pack of Saranac Brewery Ginger Beer. Since I’m from New York, I like to keep it local!"
— Cameron Curtis, Editor-in-Chief, Snapchat Discover,

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Bee Raw Honey Flight, $45

"This year, instead of candles, I'm gifting every hostess in my life a honey flight. Bee Raw makes flights of four specifically designed for cheese lovers (all my friends) and tea lovers (my mom). I'm planning on buying one of each flight — to tackle both my Friendsgiving and family Thanksgiving plans — in the hopes that it'll make an everyday cheese plate or cup of tea feel like a holiday treat."
— T.K. Brady, Online Editor

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Auchentoshan Single Malt Scotch Whisky — American Oak, $37

"The last thing I want to do is bring something that is just going to collect dust or add to clutter, which is why I always bring either food or booze as a hostess gift. My other rule of thumb is to bring something your hosts wouldn't necessarily buy themselves — something indulgent and perhaps a little frivolous. For a Scotch drinker, I would bring a nice Auchentoshan (pictured). Champagne, sparkling rosé or Lambrusco are great catchall booze options. From a food end, I like to bring lard bread from Brooklyn or [the Bronx's] Arthur Avenue — it's so deliciously gluttonous — along with super-indulgent cheeses like a triple crème with fig jam, wine-soaked cherries or gianduja spread. Of course, if the host is a sweets lover, you can't go wrong with some handmade chocolates or truffles in interesting, seasonal flavors."
— Alexis Markowitz, Recipe Developer

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Hedley and Bennett Apron, $70 to $145

"If the host is a cooking enthusiast, I would gift them a new apron from Hedley and Bennett. They're key to protecting your outfit during any last-minute final touches to the meal, and preparing the feast will definitely do damage to their current apron. For the first-timer who doesn't normally cook much, you can't go wrong with a gift certificate for a massage. They'll need recovery time!"
— Toren Weiner, Social Media Manager

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