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BUY Check the "Ice" listings in the phone book for dry ice carriers; some grocery stores even sell it. It is typically sold in 10-pound blocks or bags of pellets and costs about $1 per pound.

HANDLE Do not touch dry ice with your bare hands or ingest it. To break it up into manageable chunks, drop the bag on the floor or take a hammer to it. Wear thick gloves or use kitchen tongs to handle the pieces. Be sure to use dry ice in a well-ventilated room.

STORE You can keep bags of dry ice in a cooler for up to one day; don’t store in a freezer or refrigerator.

TIP Adding water to dry ice makes it smoke. Warm water will generate more smoke, but your block of dry ice will disappear faster.



Cauldron O' Candy

Cauldron O' Candy

Cauldron o' Candy

Use our step-by-step instructions to make a spooky candy holder.



Smoldering Jack-o'-Lantern

Smoldering Jack-o'-Lantern

Smoldering Jack-o'-Lantern

Hide a shallow plastic bowl filled with dry ice chunks inside your carved pumpkin; add water. Smoke will come pouring out of your jack-o'-lantern’s gaping mouth. Freshen up the bowl with more dry ice and water every 30 minutes.



Simmering Sodas

Simmering Sodas

Simmering Sodas

Fill the bottom of a 17-gallon tub with 10 pounds of dry ice chunks. Cover the dry ice with a layer of Styrofoam plates. Add 10 pounds of regular ice on top of the plates, then add drinks. Pour a cup of water into the tub.

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