11 High-Tech Kitchen Gadgets You Won't Want to Live Without

The future is now.

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September 07, 2018

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Sure, you can live without high-tech gear in your kitchen, but why would you want to? Check out these cool products we've rounded up that give a whole new meaning to "computer cooking."

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You know that feeling when you're laying in bed and you just can't imagine finding the energy to get up to turn on your coffeemaker? (Of course you do.) Thankfully, this coffeemaker can be started right form your phone. All you need to do is tell Alexa to turn it on. Plus, there are tons of other great features from temperature control to altitude monitoring — but the voice command may be your favorite.


Stop propping your tablet or phone on any available surface in your kitchen and use a stand that's made for the job. This one is foldable and easy to stash in a drawer and comes with a stylus to keep your sticky fingers from messing up the screen.


This waffle maker is a solution to a problem that I just assumed was a way of life. See that little spout at the top of the griddle? You pour your waffle batter in through that hole in the top (using the included measuring cup to be sure not to overfill), forget about flipping and wait 'til your waffle is perfectly ready.

Williams Sonoma

Raise your hand if you've swirled vinegary water like a mad man and dropped in your eggs just so, yet still ended up with yolk soup instead of poached eggs. Enter the Precision Poacher. Set your preferences for poached (or steamed, scrambled or sous vide) eggs and wait for perfection.


Unless you're a professional bartender, chances are your at-home cocktails can be a bit hit-or-miss. Remove all the guesswork from your DIY mixology by using the drink recipe app that comes with this scale. Add your ingredients to your glass until you hear the ding and your drink will be tasty every time.

Sur la Table

Grow fresh herbs right in your kitchen, or wherever you have the space, no sunshine needed! This smart herb garden provides the right LED light for the kind of greens you're growing and will send you reminders and gardening tips.


The highest of high-tech appliances is the smart fridge. This one from Samsung is dubbed the "Family Hub" because it's designed to be the center of your family's kitchen life. Add items to your shopping list with your voice, view the family calendar, or play your favorite Spotify playlist. The list goes on. No word yet on if it will rat on the family member who finished the milk without telling you.


A super-fast electric tea kettle is so nice to have that you may wonder why you ever used a regular teapot. This one lets you set a precise temperature which is perfect for expert pour-over brewers and those among you who prefer your drinks extra hot.

Williams Sonoma

Maybe you've got weak wrists or you somehow manage to end up with cork floating in your wine every time you try to open a bottle. If you've got endless bottles of wine to open and an appreciation that we finally live in the future, then this electric corkscrew is for you.


If your go-to method of opening tough lids is banging them hard on the edge of the counter, maybe it's time to call in the big guns. The big guns, in this case, is an automatic lid opener. Attach it to the top of the offending jar, push a button, and et voila!

Uncommon Goods

If you find your garbage pail filling up faster than you'd like, outfit your kitchen with a compactor that will make your waste take up as little space as possible. Your old school trash compactor got an upgrade in design with an added odor filter.

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