8 Products That Will Keep Your Fridge Organized

We’ve rounded up all the bins, drawers and turntables you could ever need.

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September 14, 2022

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Who remembers watching MTV Cribs? I was always completely mesmerized when the celebrities would show off their kitchens and reveal the inside of their fridge. Color-coordinated drinks all in a row, containers of food perfectly aligned and a full display of produce shelved with precision. Watching always inspired me to organize my own refrigerator. But, through some trial and error, I learned that there’s more than one way to achieve a super organized space. In fact, having a few additional storage bins and shelves can keep things looking clean and orderly. And, while we may never achieve a refrigerator worthy of an MTV Cribs spotlight, these must-have organization products can help us get pretty close.


While the lazy Susan may have been around for a long time, this upgraded version is super modern and sleek. With a non-slip, removable silicone mat for easy cleaning and a full 360-degree rotation, it makes organizing easy.

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Did you know that there’s even storage for your water bottles and beverages? Instead of having them sit loosely on a shelf, stack them in these clear bins to tidy things up.

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You’ll want to get your hands on this particular fridge item once you find out it's actually a 4-in-1 storage system. It's only one bin, but the built-in dividers create 4 separate sections so you can organize multiple items at once!

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This nifty container is the perfect fit for your canned beverages. And, since it comes with a secure lid, you can easily stack other organizational bins or other refrigerated items on top.

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Keep your wine chilled at all times with this stackable wine organizer set. And, you’ll never have to worry about the height of the bottle again since these racks store your wine horizontally.

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Not enough room in your fridge? These drawers are eggs-actly what you need to save on space. Get rid of your cartons with these pull-out containers that can hold up to 18 eggs!

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Never have to deal with flimsy takeout containers again! These Rubbermaid ones are airtight and microwave-safe — which makes storing and reheating leftovers a breeze.

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From sink to fridge, these bins keep your kitchen neat and tidy. They have removable drain plates that come in handy when you wash and dry your produce, too.

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