How to Carve a Pumpkin Shaped Like a Devil

Food Network Magazine and Halloween Wars champion Shawn Feeney show you how to carve a pumpkin to look like a devil. Photographs by Levi Brown.

Photo By: Levi Brown

Photo By: Levi Brown

Photo By: Levi Brown

Photo By: Levi Brown

Photo By: Levi Brown

Photo By: Levi Brown

You'll need: 1 large pumpkin, dry-erase marker, serrated carving knife, paring knife, loop pottery tool or soup spoon, power drill (with a standard drill bit), pumpkin stems, bamboo skewers

Place the pumpkin on its side so the stem looks like a goatee. Using a dry-erase marker, draw the eyes and mouth. Cut out the mouth and fangs with a serrated knife. Use a paring knife to remove the skin from the fangs and shape so they're tapered.

Score the eye outlines with a paring knife (don't cut all the way through). Use a loop tool or spoon to remove the pumpkin skin and some of the flesh from the eyes.

Drill out the pupils.

Hold each stem where you want the horns to sit, then outline them with the marker. With a paring knife, score along the line, peel off the skin and hollow out an indentation with a loop tool or spoon.

Attach the stems to the pumpkin. They should fit snugly, but you can also use pieces of skewers to keep them in place.

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