How to Open a Champagne Bottle

Read this guide from Food Network Magazine before you pop open your next bottle.

Photo By: Levi Brown Prop Stylist: Marina Malchin 917 751 2855

Anything that's labeled champagne must be made in France's Champagne region from pinot noir, chardonnay and/or pinot meunier grapes. Good-quality champagne generally tastes richer and more aromatic than other sparkling wines, but it's also more expensive.


Remove the foil from the bottle but leave the metal cage in place.


With the bottle pointed away from your body (and away from anyone else!), unscrew and remove the metal cage while holding the cork in place.


Put a kitchen towel over the cork. Hold the bottle with one hand and the towel with the other. Angle the bottle away from you and twist the bottle until the cork eases out. You should hear just a tiny puff!