How To: Whipped Cream

Learn how to make whipped cream from scratch, using heavy cream and a hand mixer.

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Step One

Start with cold heavy cream.

Step Two

Whip it until it starts to increase in volume and thickens.

Step Three

Next, add a sweetener. Confectioners' and granulated sugars are the classics, but you can also use brown sugar.

Step Four

Add a flavoring: Good-quality vanilla is most common, but you can also use liquor like brandy, rum or Grand Marnier, which is an orange liqueur. If you want to add a citrus flavor, zest a lemon or orange into the bowl with the cream; remember that a little goes a long way.

Step Five

When the whipped cream is ready, it should stand up on the ends of the beater and cling to a spoon, but still have softness to it.


1. One cup of heavy cream will make 2 cups of whipped cream. 2. If your mixture is grainy, you went too far. To fix, add some cream back to the mixture.

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