Jacks of All Trades: How to Carve a Pumpkin Four Ways

Food Network Magazine asked Shawn Feeney, Halloween Wars' 2011 champion, to create some fun new jack-o'-lanterns. Try one at home — they're not as tricky as they look!

Photo By: Levi Brown

Photo By: Levi Brown

Photo By: Levi Brown

Photo By: Levi Brown


Use two mini pumpkins and peeled pumpkin pieces to transform your gourd into a critter that looks so real it just might crawl away.


Pumpkin stems give this jack-o'-lantern its devilish look.

Flaming Jack-o'-Lantern

A bamboo skewer and a battery-operated red light make this spooky pumpkin come to life.

Veggie Monster

Carrots, yams and broccoli, oh my! Make a silly pumpkin face out of fall produce.

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