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Live Class Schedule

Sunday, May 9th

Encore: Mini Quiches with Peas and Bacon

Molly YehSunday @ 5:30 PM

Classic Chocolate Chip Crumb Cake

Dan LanganSunday @ 6:30 PM

Buttercream Flowers for Beginners

Lasheeda PerrySunday @ 8:00 PM

Empire Biscuits

Ali ClarkeSunday @ 10:00 PM

Monday, May 10th

Bolognese on Toast with Caesar Salad

Justin ChappleMonday @ 12:00 AM

Lemony Bucatini

Elena BesserMonday @ 1:00 AM

Encore: Crispy Salmon with Miso-Honey Noodles

Ronnie WooMonday @ 2:00 AM

Leftover Vegetable and Ground Chicken Sauté

Danielle AlexMonday @ 8:00 PM

Whole Wheat, Olive Oil and Citrus Loaf Cake

Erin Jeanne McDowellMonday @ 10:00 PM

Tuesday, May 11th

Everything You Need to Know About Homemade Ricotta

Sarah HoldenTuesday @ 12:00 AM

Encore: Garlicky Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Black-Eyed Pea Vinaigrette

Carla HallTuesday @ 1:00 AM

Encore: Masala Tomato Soup with Bombay Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Priya KrishnaTuesday @ 2:00 AM

Savory Strawberry Tart

Claire ThomasTuesday @ 8:00 PM

Millionaire’s Shortbread

Dan LanganTuesday @ 10:00 PM

Wednesday, May 12th

Encore: Loaded Hummus Bowl with Feta, Tomatoes and Cucumbers

Jet TilaWednesday @ 1:00 AM

Encore: Goulash

Nikki ScottWednesday @ 2:00 AM

Tahini Swirl Brownies

Vallery LomasWednesday @ 8:00 PM

Tomatillo-Poached Fish with Cilantro Lime Rice

Gabriela RodilesWednesday @ 10:00 PM

Thursday, May 13th

Freezer-Friendly Egg White Muffins

Kelly SenyeiThursday @ 12:00 AM

Encore: Sweet and Spicy Honey-Glazed Grilled Chicken with Spinach Salad and Pantry Dressing

Michael SymonThursday @ 1:00 AM

Encore: Mint Chocolate Chip Pavlova for Two

Erin Jeanne McDowellThursday @ 2:00 AM

Coconut Cod Chowder

Justin ChappleThursday @ 8:00 PM

BLT Salad Pizza (Sponsored) 

Megan MitchellThursday @ 10:00 PM

Friday, May 14th

Asparagus Fettuccine Carbonara

Dave MechlowiczFriday @ 12:00 AM

Encore: Garlic Butter Shrimp with Miso and Basil

Ronnie WooFriday @ 1:00 AM

Encore: Puff Pastry Cones with Berries and Cream

Vivian ChanFriday @ 2:00 AM

Sunday, May 16th

Encore: Spanakopita

Michael SymonSunday @ 5:30 PM

Encore: Rhubarb Almond Galette with Strawberry Whipped Cream

Sarah HoldenSunday @ 6:30 PM

Parathas 2 Ways

Maneet ChauhanSunday @ 8:00 PM

Baked Alaska Cupcakes

Lasheeda PerrySunday @ 10:00 PM

Monday, May 17th

Encore: Sausage and Broccolini Pizza Pockets

Molly YehMonday @ 1:00 AM

Encore: Ropa Vieja

Gabriela RodilesMonday @ 2:00 AM

Cauliflower Parmesan

Alexandra UtterMonday @ 8:00 PM

Creamy, Melty Mushroom Sandwiches

JJ JohnsonMonday @ 10:00 PM

Tuesday, May 18th

Grilled Spring Pizza with Asparagus, Leeks and Pancetta

Vallery LomasTuesday @ 12:00 AM

Artichoke, Anchovy and Lemon Pasta

Larisa AlvarezTuesday @ 10:00 PM

Wednesday, May 19th

Chocolate Pound Cake with Strawberry Frosting

Dan LanganWednesday @ 12:00 AM

Frozen Strawberry Lemonade Pie

Dana BeninatiWednesday @ 10:00 PM

Thursday, May 20th


Nikki ScottThursday @ 8:00 PM

Zucchini-Crust Pizza with Goat Cheese and Prosciutto (Sponsored)

Megan MitchellThursday @ 10:00 PM