Get the Look: Food Network Magazine's Reader Kitchen

Find out which design elements give Julia and Chris Marcum's kitchen a signature look.

©Taylor Glenn Photography

©Taylor Glenn Photography

©Taylor Glenn Photography

©Taylor Glenn Photography

©Taylor Glenn Photography

©Taylor Glenn Photography

Meet the Marcums

When Julia and Chris Marcum moved into their home in Rexburg, Idaho, they knew they wanted a kitchen that was both dramatic and practical. 

Photography by Taylor Glenn


The perimeter counters are white concrete that the couple poured themselves. "There were definitely some bumps in the road as we were figuring out the process, but it turned out so awesome," Julia says.

Full Fridge

They put a dedicated freezer in the pantry and installed a huge refrigerator in the kitchen. "We wanted to be able to devote space to the things we use more frequently," Julia says.

Patterned Rug

Julia bought their vintage kitchen rug on eBay for $200 to bring a traditional element into the modern kitchen. "If anything spills, the stain blends in with the pattern," she says.

Big Stove

Chris wanted at least a six-burner stove, but 60-inch options were pricey. Their budget-friendly solution: Place two 30-inch Frigidaire ranges side by side.

Dinner Bell

When Julia was growing up, her grandmother would have the family over every Sunday for dinner, and she would always ring a bell to gather everyone. Julia and Chris hung this antique dinner bell as a reminder that mealtime is family time.