Wake Up, America!

In these towns, breakfast gets top billing. 
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Two Egg, Fla.

During the Depression, locals would trade farm products, like eggs, for sugar at the general store. A salesman heard regulars calling the shop a "two-egg store," and he spread the name.

Illustrations by Linzie Hunter

Baconton, Ga.

Baconton was named after a railroad director, Major Robert James Bacon. Oddly enough, the town has no particular attachment to meat — it's known for pecans.

Hot Coffee

In the late 1800s, a man named Levi Davis ran an inn and hung a sign that said "Hot Coffee." His java became so popular that the community dubbed itself Hot Coffee.

Cereal, Pa.

Residents settled on this name in the early 1900s to celebrate the success of the local Jersey Cereal Food Company. The company packaged its last box in the late 1940s, but the name lived on.

Toast, N.C.

Legend has it that the man in charge of naming this town's post office in the 1920s chose Toast because that's what he was eating for breakfast that morning.

Tea, S.D.

The German community that settled Tea wanted to call the town Byron, but several cities had taken that name. At a brainstorming meeting, someone suggested the group break for tea, and the name stuck.

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