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Star Scrapbook: Cristie Schoen

Flip through a Food Network Star finalist's scrapbook for an up-close-and-personal look at journal entries and snapshots taken inside the Star house.
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First Farewell

Someone has to be the first to go, and this season it was Cristie Schoen. With her Mississippi roots, Team Alton's "Do South" restaurant seemed right up Cristie's alley, but her bland soup and disjointed presentation failed to impress Bob and Susie.

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Inside Cristie's Journal

During her short stay in the competition, Cristie filled just a few pages of her journal with ideas and prep lists for the Restaurant: Impossible challenge.

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Do South

Cristie's first thought for her contribution to Do South was a bread pudding. When the team decided she should make a soup, she ultimately chose a black-eyed pea puree that would be her downfall.

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Making Friends

The finalists were given digital cameras to document life behind the scenes. Here, Cristie bonds with fellow finalist Linkie on a ride over to the set from the Star house.

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