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Danushka Lysek's Best Reactions on Food Network Star, Season 9

Danushka Lysek was the third finalist eliminated on Food Network Star, Season 9. Flip through her personal photo journal to relive the most-memorable moments from her time on the show.
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Danushka Lysek

Before beginning the competition, Danushka said, "I'm not like anyone that's on the Food Network," and she was indeed correct about that. This brutally honest, no-nonsense finalist struggled to connect with the audience, and it ultimately ended her dreams of stardom.

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Let Loose

Giada worked with Danushka during her first Mentor Challenge, in which the finalists had to film 60-second pitch tapes for network executives. Giada encouraged her to "lighten it up and smile," but despite that advice, Danushka couldn't shake her tough exterior when presenting her private chef point of view.

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Ballpark Basics

"Why do I have to be beside the mad scientist?" Danushka wondered about Russell, after he created a foggy cloud with a smoking gun. Unfortunately for her, she found herself cooking next to him again in the Chopped battle.

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Prep Buddies

Danushka wasn't thrilled to be working next to Damaris, either, on account of the latter's tendency to talk to herself while cooking. "Damaris is yapping away," Danushka said. "Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah."

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