Next Iron Chef: Inside the Rivals' Journals, Episode 4

Peek inside an eliminated chef's top-secret journal from The Next Iron Chef Season 3.

Photo By: Leanna Creel ©Leanna Creel Inc.

Photo By: Leanna Creel ©Leanna Creel Inc.

Photo By: Leanna Creel ©Leanna Creel Inc.

Photo By: Leanna Creel ©Leanna Creel Inc.

Photo By: Leanna Creel ©Leanna Creel Inc.


The Next Iron Chef Journals

Upon arrival on set in Los Angeles, each rival received a red journal to use for dish planning and reflection.

Roller Coaster Ride

Duskie Estes from Sonoma, Calif., was the fourth chef knocked out of the competition. Her journal reveals the plans behind her consistently inconsistent dishes.

Desert Island Game Plan

First misstep: The desert island challenge in Episode One. Here, Chef Estes outlined several ways to cook her suckling pig ...

Pork on a Stick

... but ended up going with just a couple of pieces of loin on a skewer. The judges wished she'd used more of the pig.

Pineapple Problems

Chef Estes paired her pork loin with pineapple, thinking it would make a good marinade. The judges found the meat mushy, and Alton pointed out that the enzymes in pineapple were the most-likely culprit.

Finished Plate

Fortunately for Chef Estes, the judges disliked Chef Kirschner's duck more than her Suckling Pig Surf and Turf.

Coffee and Doughnuts

In the next Secret Ingredient Challenge, Chef Estes initially outlined four ideas for her two coffee-and-doughnuts breakfast dishes.

Abandoned Dish

The bacon, egg and cheese in a doughnut was a dish that never materialized that day.

What's for Breakfast

Instead, Chef Estes made this dish of Coffee and Cream Shirred Farm Eggs With Doughnut Toast.

Praise-Worthy Plan

She also produced the dish outlined here: Coffee Yogurt With Doughnut Granola and Coffee'd Apricots. Fellow rival Ming Tsai voted it his favorite in the peer judgment session.

Moments of Glory

Chef Estes wound up in the bottom of Episode Two's diner challenge, then at the top with her fish dishes in Episode Three: "I feel like I'm a pinball. Up-down, up-down."

Day at the Fair

For the fair food challenge, Chef Estes set up a chart to map out her three dishes: Stick, Fry and Grill.

Where's the Fruit?

During the mad dash to find ingredients at the fair's concession stands, Chef Estes was thrilled to find fresh fruit. She used strawberries in her fried pie — and there's evidence of them (literally) on the pages of her journal.

Prep List

Chef Estes writes out a list of what she'll need to prep and cook on the fair's massive "Outlaw Grill."

One Bad Apple

The dishes that ultimately sent Chef Estes home: Deep Fried Strawberry Pie (in background), Grilled Sumac Dusted Calamari Gyro and the fateful Caramel Apple With Bacon Salt.

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