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Star Scrapbook: Malcolm Mitchell

Flip through a Food Network Star finalist's scrapbook for an up-close-and-personal look at journal entries.
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Short Stay in Miami

Malcolm Mitchell was eliminated from Team Bobby in Episode 8. A private chef from Washington, D.C., he made it all the way to South Beach with his soulful cooking.

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Star Journal

The finalists were given Food Network journals to use throughout the competition. Malcolm filled his with prep lists and drafts of his presentations.

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Team Bobby

Bobby picked chefs for his team with the philosophy that as long as his finalists had the culinary chops, he could teach them camera skills. Malcolm fit squarely into this category — his food never disappointed.

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Restaurant: Impossible

In the season's first challenge, Team Bobby felt right at home. They had 24 hours to open a restaurant. Malcolm wowed the judges with the shrimp and grits dish outlined in his journal, but from the beginning they were concerned about his POV (or lack thereof). "His POV is a little all over, but I love the dish. That's a good chef, not a star," said Susie.

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