Star Spotlight: Anne Burrell

The host of Worst Cooks in America tells us about her favorite clothes and shoes.

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Photo By: Cory Dawson

Photo By: Mike Cooper ©Mike Cooper Photography

Anne Burrell

Anne shares how she gets that trademark hairstyle, too.

No-Fuss Makeup

“When I’m not filming, I have a very easy makeup look: I always put on a little eye shadow — I switch up my colors all the time — some black eyeliner on the upper lid and mascara.”

Winter Bronzer

“I always like to look a little tan. In the depths of winter, my hair and my skin look the same color, so I am a huge fan of Neutrogena self-tanner on my face. It gives me a sun-kissed look.”

Stretchy Jeans

“I hate shopping for jeans — I’d actually rather try on bathing suits — but I recently found a pair that I really like: the Gap 1969 Girlfriend jeans. Stretch denim is my friend.”

Daring Hair

“My hair is a work in progress: It just keeps getting blonder. I find being blonde wildly empowering. I keep it in place with Big Sexy Hair hairspray.”

Salvaged Shades

“I’ve had a pair of Ray-Ban Clubmasters for years. Guy Fieri once bent them out of shape by putting them on the back of his head, and I love them so much I brought them in to be retooled.”

Fur Buster

“I live in a Manhattan apartment with two Maine coon cats, and they run around like the place is their jungle gym. I pick up after them with a Dyson handheld vacuum and about a million lint brushes.”

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