Alton's Super-Tasty, No-Fuss, Time-Tested, Totally Foolproof Bird

Alton Brown made one awesome turkey more than 10 years ago, and people are still talking about it.

When fans stop Alton Brown on the street, they might gush about his wacky costumes on Good Eats or his play-by-plays on Iron Chef America, but they often just want to talk turkey. Alton's famous brined turkey, which made its debut on the "Romancing the Bird" episode of Good Eats in 1999, is now a national phenomenon. It has been the most popular Thanksgiving recipe on for the past six years and has garnered more comments than any other recipe on the site. Even first-time turkey-makers swear by the formula, posting thank-you notes to Alton for his help. If you haven't seen the recipe, it may surprise you: He calls for a frozen turkey, and he doesn't stuff or baste it. "The recipe isn't perfect because there's no such thing as perfect," Alton says. "But it works."

Get Alton's famous Good Eats Roast Turkey

Alton Brown

Alton Brown

Why No Stuffing?

A stuffed bird is easy to overcook because the stuffing has to reach 165 degrees F to be safe to eat, and by that time the meat is often dry. "If you absolutely must put the stuffing inside," Alton says, "I'd start with it hot—piping hot—and put it in the bird very loosely."

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