Car Guy: Guy Fieri's Car Collection

Guy Fieri shows off his collection of American wheels to Food Network Magazine.

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Guy Fieri's Car Collection


Photo by: Dave Lauridsen ©dave lauridsen 2013

Dave Lauridsen , dave lauridsen 2013

Guy Fieri's car collection started inside a pair of old UGG boots. It was 1996, and the chef and his wife, Lori, had a new son, Hunter, but Guy was distracted: He was on the prowl for a vintage Chevy Chevelle. "The Chevelle was the car when I was growing up," says Guy. So when a '71 model went on sale nearby, he needed to see it. "I almost died," he says. Guy had to have the car — he just didn't have $25,000 to buy it. That night, he told Lori he was going to mortgage the house, which didn't go over well. Then, with a smirk, Guy reached into an old boot and pulled out $12,000 in cash that he had been secretly stashing, one $20 bill at a time. The next day — using his savings and some negotiating skills (he threw in free meals for a year at his first restaurant, Johnny Garlic's) — the car was his. He didn't love the color at first: "I really didn't want a yellow car," he says. But it grew on him — so much so that he has amassed a whole collection of yellow speedsters and trucks.

Photographs by Dave Lauridsen

Guy Fieri's Car Collection

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Car Guy

Nothing gets Guy Fieri revved up like his collection of great American cars.

Photo By: Dave Lauridsen ©dave lauridsen 2013

1976 Jeep CJ-5 (NICKNAME: Devil CJ)

Although this Jeep is nearly 40 years old, it has only 55,000 miles on it. It was one of Guy's biggest projects: The whole thing was rebuilt from the inside out.

Photo By: Dave Lauridsen ©dave lauridsen 2013

2007 Shelby Cobra (NICKNAME: Live Fast)

This personalized all-black car was a gift from its designer, industry icon Carroll Shelby. Guy's youngest son, Ryder, won't travel in it — it's too loud!

Photo By: Dave Lauridsen ©dave lauridsen 2013

1971 Chevrolet Chevelle (NICKNAME: SS Hunter)

The first car in Guy's collection is still his most precious: "It was my first love," he says. "I'll never sell it. I'll sleep in it before I sell it." (SS stands for Super Sport.)

Photo By: Dave Lauridsen ©dave lauridsen 2013

2011 Chevrolet Camaro (NICKNAME: SS Ryder)

This was the first 2011 yellow convertible Camaro off the factory line. It's also Ryder's favorite. "Even when it's cold, Ryder is like, 'Dad, you can't put the top up!'" Guy says.

Photo By: Dave Lauridsen ©dave lauridsen 2013

2007 Chevrolet Corvette (NICKNAME: Big Bite)

As the name suggests, Guy rewarded himself with this car right after he landed his first cooking show on Food Network.

Photo By: Dave Lauridsen ©dave lauridsen 2013

1969 Chevrolet Corvette

Guy got this vintage Corvette earlier this year. He hasn't decided what to call it yet.

Photo By: Dave Lauridsen ©dave lauridsen 2013

2006 Chevrolet Kodiak (NICKNAME: Full Bore)

An extra step drops down when Guy opens the door so he can climb in. "Hunter drove it to a high school dance," Guy says. "But he only has his permit, so he shows up in a huge truck and then his mom gets out!"

Photo By: Dave Lauridsen ©dave lauridsen 2013

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