Food Network Chefs' Favorite Kitchen Tools

Food Network chefs tell Food Network Magazine their favorite kitchen tools.

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Alton Brown, Food Network Star

Panini Press but not for panini — for game hens and more.

Masaharu Morimoto, Iron Chef America

Onion Goggles

Michael Symon, Iron Chef America

Microplane Zester: I can’t live without it. Love the zest of citrus, freshly grated horseradish for a pop, or a rich salty hard cheese.

Sunny Anderson, Cooking for Real

Microplane Zester: 1. Easier to clean than box graters. 2. Shreds, grates and zests all of these and more, perfectly: garlic, cheese, nutmeg, lemon, lime, orange, ginger, onion. 3. Super sturdy. 4. Various sizes, shapes and gradients to choose.

Jose Garces, Iron Chef America

My Mortar and Pestle: I use it for many of my marinades, aiolis, rubs or pestos. I love it because it brings out all of the natural oils of the ingredients.

Alex Guarnaschelli, Iron Chef America

I love a mortar and pestle. Grinding toasted spices, mashing garlic cloves, connects me to my ingredients and makes tasty food!

Geoffrey Zakarian, Chopped

My favorite kitchen tool is an egg cutter. My daughters love to use it on their soft-boiled eggs!

Michael Chiarello, Easy Entertaining With Michael Chiarello

I love, love silpats for crisp kale chips!

Bobby Deen, Not My Mama’s Meals

I like to do my prep work ahead of time, and I’ve got a set of Tupperware bowls in multiple sizes that make it easy to do and come back to later. I use them every time I cook, which is every day! Mise en place!

Jeff Mauro, Sandwich King

I absolutely cannot live without my heavy-bottomed square griddle pan. Perfect for easily flippable over-easy eggs and pancakes. Plus, it fits up to four sandwiches perfectly for a proper butter and griddle. Go bears!

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