Happy Birthday, Anne!

In honor of Food Network Magazine's 10th birthday, we’re celebrating Anne's big day too!

Anne Burrell is a virgo! Her birthday is September 21.

Most Memorable Birthday
"Last year I had just finished filming Worst Cooks in America and I was exhausted! So I booked a trip to Italy and got to wake up there on my birthday. And my best friend, Rachael Ray, was in Italy at the same time!"



Photo by: Brian Hagiwara

Brian Hagiwara

Favorite Birthday Cake
"Yellow cake with chocolate buttercream."



Best Birthday Party Ever
"When I turned 7 or 8, my mom had a pizza party for me in our yard. She made paper chef hats for all the kids and we each put together our own pizza."

Favorite Way to Celebrate as an Adult
"I have a big party every year, but I never ask for gifts. Being with the people who are most important to me is the best gift ever!"

Does Your Astrological Sign Mean Anything to You?
"It means a lot to me. I love being a Virgo!"

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